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Mar 25, 2009 12:08 PM

Upscale Pizza/Pasta 5-10 min walk from quincy mkt

coming to boston from ny with a group of 25 (1/2 3 year old kids). looking for a stylish place where you could get an indiv pie or slice, but also get baked clams, pastas, or a piece of fish where the entrees are in the $15-$20 range. Plenty of these kinds of places in NY and LI, but i haven't had much luck finding one in my trips to boston. last trip (in search of a red sauce italian joint) we tried Mamma Maria's in the north end and were somewhat disappointed in that we were stuck in the basement under a leaking pipe and the vibe was zero. food was ok, but nothing special.

on a similar trip, we've done Maggiano's (in philly) and it was fine in that they accommodated a large group easily, but it's a full service restaurant as opposed to a slightly more casual, but still stylish place. thanks

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  1. Antico Forno in the North End would be a good option - brick oven pizza, and lots of great pasta options. Some of the meat dishes are over $20, but there's enough under $20 that you'll find plenty to eat.

    1. i'm sorry. i'm having trouble equating a place that is upscale, serves slices of pizza, $15 entrees and can accommodate 12 babies. further, upstairs at mama maria is one of the prettier and more expensive north end options. were you there with kids too?

      antico forno is pretty good and the prices reasonable, although they don't serve slices and i don't know what they offer for such small kids. the various il paninos may work, although again, so many places in the north end are so small, i can't imagine a huge group full of mostly babies being something for which they'd jump through hoops. sorry.

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        MY BAD - TYPO. not 3 year olds - 13 year olds....

        and by upscale i don't mean Four Seasons upscale, i mean bistro-like with white table cloths, lots of wine choices, casual bar, etc. These types of places are easily found around NYC and the surrounding suburbs.

      2. TYPO - 13 year olds - not 3 year olds.

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          That's a pretty large group to try and accommodate in the North End. While no white tablecloths, I would think Antico Forno would have the menu you're looking for. Artu may be another option, or possibly LaGalleria 33. LaGalleria 33 doesn't have a bar or pizza, but it does have a rather upscale casual feel. The tables are nicely spaced, and it's comfortable to linger there. If it were me, I would go for La Galleria33.