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Mar 25, 2009 11:37 AM

KC-Bristol Seafood and Grill Wine Dinner?

I’ve been to the Bristol downtown a few times and love it. Does anyone know anything about their wine dinner they are having this Sunday?

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  1. I know a little bit- on occasion they do the wine dinners at Bristol and j gilberts (owned by the same guys) and by all accounts they are good menus and a good value. j gilberts is in our neighborhood so we are attending the one there this sunday (plus we liked the look of that menu a little bit more....more red meat, more red wines) You'd need to check but I believe the menu is not just usual Bristol items paired with wine. A 5 course dinner, paired with wine for $60-$70 is pretty good deal when the food and wine are good

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      There's some great wines on that wine dinner. You can find out the details on the Bristol's website. Probably best thing happening downtown on Sunday evening.