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Mar 25, 2009 11:30 AM

Milltown - Carrboro - Lunch - Service Stinks!

I have been a huge supporter of both the Federal and Milltown for years. Fantastic beer selection, well-done bar food, nice atmosphere. I was up at the Federal Monday night, and had a great time. When Milltown first opened, the waitstaff could be hit-or-miss, but it had gotten much better.

I went there today for an 'informal' business lunch. When arriving, there was only one other table occupied. I won't go through the blow-by-blow, but things went from bad to worse, with bad service, soup spilled onto a sandwich and not replaced. Orders forgotten, indifferent/bad attitudes. At one point, after 10 minutes with an empty diet coke glass, it's refilled with water w/o asking, and then when I ask to swap out the muddy brown water for diet coke, after a long delay I get regular coke instead.

Absolutely inexcusable. And from a place I really like. I definitely won't be back for lunch, and they only get one more chance period.

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  1. Is Milltown still owned by the same folks who own Federal? I can't find a website for Milltown, but I can find one for Federal, and it doesn't mention Milltown. That seems odd...maybe it has been sold and that is the reason for its decline? I'm speculating here...

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      I"m pretty sure they are *not* owned by the same people anymore. And I have to say, most of the times we've gone in the last 5 months the service (and food) has been less than great. We used to be big fans, but now we only go if we really want bar food and have been to Tylers very recently. The Federal is eons better, but its a lot father to drive there for us.

    2. I haven't given them a try because of the association with the Federal in Durham...which has the worst service ever!

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        When was the last time you wer there. I have been there a bunch over the last couple of years and didn't have a problem.

      2. I have been there twice in the last two months and I agree that the service has gone downhill. One time they were pretty busy and seemed to be understaffed, but the second time there really wasn't any reason for the service to be so slow. The service from the hostess/bartender bad almost to the point of open hostility. I thought maybe it was because we had our baby with us but she was equally rude to everyone else who came in.
        I do wonder if the owners have changed because the service and the food were better in the past.

        1. We went there for dinner a week ago before a concert at the ArtsCenter. Service was not so good and the food was ho-hum. I had an unidentifiable brown jelly-like thing in my beer, and while it was replaced, there was no genuine "I'm sorry." Service was other wise slow. The menu has now become uninspiring and the specials were just not that good. The beer list (draft) was not as varied as it has been in the past. We headed to Tyler's for another beer and regretted glancing at their menu because it was so much better than what we saw at Milltown.

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          1. re: sarahUNC

            I've had similar experiences with the wait staff very much not caring about problems with my food (not beer). I had gotten a fried catfish sandwich that wasn't cooked all the way through, and was sort of gelatinous. I pointed this out to the waiter, and he just shrugged at me.

          2. The Federal is the only place that I just refuse to go back....I give alot of places a few chances, but they have had a few to many!......which is hard because I really dig their burger.