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Mar 25, 2009 11:19 AM

Bombay Club in DC - Report

I took Tom Sietsema's advice and checked out Bombay Club on Farragut Square. It's a luxurious, pricey place.

We asked for the food spicy, and the waiter obliged us. It did not disappoint. We ordered calamari rings (supremely tender) and went on to three vegetarian dishes: eggplant, okra, and a paneer makhani. None of these are marked as spicy on the menu, but I could clearly see lots of finely diced chili in the okra. It was potent, but did not take away from the beautiful flavoring. The eggplant was a rich and delicious smokey goo, and the cheese dish had the familiar butter sauce with a nice tomato kick. Breads are all good.

This was an impressive and elegant meal with attentive service. Although I'm used to spending less, this was a real treat.

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  1. Glad to hear it is still good - we used to enjoy it when we lived nearby (16th & L). My husband still goes for business to DC, and it is helpful to read updates of some of our favorite places.

    1. I went recently and just loved Bombay Club. In addition to the really good (and spicy) food, the service and atmosphere are lovely. It is a great special occasion place if the people involved want something a little exotic.

      1. Sounds wonderful! I' love to hear some additional menu recommendations from others if you have them!

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          The last time I was there I didn't find it overly expensive. I had lamb vindaloo which was unbelievably tender and perfectly spicy. I think it was around 14 or 15 dollars, which is what I was expecting. I've paid as much for terrible take-out. Top that off with a sapphire martini from the bar, and it was a great time.

          For a real "treat" get the cobra coffee for dessert.