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Mar 25, 2009 11:18 AM

Restaurants near Pawtucket?

I am traveling from Japan and staying in Pawtucket for 1 week in April. I am open to any kind of food though I especially like: Japanese (obviously), Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese (Schezuan), Italian (pizzaria and trattoria). I also like BBQ ribs and hamburgers (the real ones) as well as seafood. I LOVE clam chowder and lobster roll! Also, if you know any recommendations for late-night dining (after 11:00PM), I would also appreciate it. Arigato!

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  1. Enjoy your stay in Pawtucket! The pickings are slim in my former hometown, but you will be very close to Providence, which is a great restaurant city now. There are plenty of good recommendations for Providence on this board.

    For some local color, you should try Stanley's in Central Falls (next door to Pawt) for their famous Stanleyburgers.

    CF, which has a huge immigrant population, also has some latin american joints that hounds love. Search "Central Falls" on this board and you'll find some.

    Finally, CF is home to a world-class chocolatier, Garrison Confections. They have a factory store that is open to the public. Once you get a taste of CF, you'll understand the term "diamond in the rough."

    The Providence/Pawtucket area is not big for late-night dining. After midnight, you'll do you best eating at one of the area's famous NY System weiner joints, such as the one on Smith Stree in Providence near the State House. Hint: Order "three all the way and a coffee milk, please." You can thank me later. 8>D

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      Where is the Garrison Confections factory store? I thought their only store closed.

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        Yeah, the store on Hope St sadly closed, but according to their Website they have a factory store at the factory at 72 Ledge St. in CF.

        The idea of going to CF to buy chocolates like this boggles my mind.

        I recommend the dark chocolate fruit and nut bar, in addition to the amazing seasonal collections.

    2. There's not a whole lot in Pawtucket. On the Massachusetts line is a restaurant called Spumoni's that I have been going to for years. It's American/Italian/seafood food, nothing fancy but always good. It's on Newport Avenue. Also there is a little Italian restaurant called Bella Pasta that is run by a chef who worked in the North End of Boston and that's quite good (on Benefit Street). These are both reasonable. But as another responder replied, your best bet is to cross the city line and head into Providence and oh my, there's a wide assortment of wonderful places for you. There's a fabulous Thai place called Apsara on Hope Street. There's choice after choice on Federal Hill, as well as Wickenden Street (which has two good pizza places, Pizza Pie-er and Fellini's, and I knew there's a Japanese place or two on that street). Federal Hill has a no frills pizza place called Casserta's that's a landmark - try a wimpy skippy! For BBQ, the area's a little iffy but you can't beat Wes' Rib House (conveniently open until 4 a.m.!), Downtown Providence has Cuban Revolution with great pressed sandwiches. I'm a chowder fan too but I'm blanking on who's got a really good one. As for Stanley's - yup, that's another landmark and open until 2 a.m., I think, on weekends.

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        Al Forno in Providence has the best grilled pizza -- a truly spectacular restaurant! Tell them "Bobby Bacliere" sent you.

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          Wes' is over-rated. There are no truly good BBQ places in RI, or really anywhere near. You will do much better sticking with Italian, or fusion styles.

        2. Hello Fijieight For Japanese try Ran Zan. For asian try Apsara on hope st.. for Italian trattoria etc try Il Fornello in N. Providence. For BBQ United BBQ on Ives in Prov. For truly memorable chez pascal or Al forno or New Rivers all in prov.

          1. Thank you so much for all the suggestions!

            1. for vietnamese, there is pho horn on north main st between the border of providence and pawtucket. it's hidden in this plaza that doesn't have a lot of things going on. but the food is great and cheap. its right before north main st turns into main st in pawtucket.