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Mar 25, 2009 10:33 AM

Katsuya overflow

Katsuya was SUCH a SCENE last nite. i can usually handle a 20-30 minute wait cause their sushi is worth it, but it was a total zoo. i was impatient and we made the poor decision to walk up to Hirozen on Beverly and Orlando. ugggggggh, what a bad mistake. the yellowtail tasted fishy and the california roll with blue crab was disgusting. my baby mama actually spit it out onto the plate. the sushi chef was rude when we mentioned it, but the hostess with horrible breath took it off the tab after i asked. i have sworn off Sushi Roku along time ago for a disparity between price and quality. is there anywhere else in the general area of miracle mile/beverly adjacent worth going? i have been to Fat Fish a while back and it was good. fresh, nice portions, but a little pricey.

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  1. It's not as glamourous as most, but I personally love Oishi (Robertson/Charleville) and Boss Sushi (La Cienega, just south of Wilshire)

    1. Disagree completely with you on 2 things and agree with you on one thing:

      Disagree with you completely on:
      1. Eating at Katsuya? For their food? Yikes.
      2. Hirozen has treated us well every time before.

      Agree with you on 1 thing:
      Swearing off Sushi Roku.

      1. The last two times I have been to Fat Fish were miserable, although I used to really like it for a quick lunch. It saddens me. You could try Cafe Sushi on Beverly and La Cienega, white washed but I have never had bad food there. You could always stop in to Itacho on Beverly, while sushi is not their specialty I understand they do a decent job of it. (I personally don't eat sushi usually at izakayas, I am too tempted by other things).

        I don't go to Katsuya unless someone else wants to. I don't think the quality stands up to the hype.

        1. There is a small wonderful sushi place on Palm just north of Santa Monica in Weho, across from the car wash. I wish I was better with names as the name escapes me. The chef is wonderful and the sushi is always great.

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          1. re: rednyellow

            I sent myself an email after reading review(s) on this board for Ajisai Sushi; was this the place you were thinking of? And, if so, have you eaten there recently?

            Ajisai Sushi
            809 Palm Avenue (W LaCienega; N SMB)
            West Hollywood, CA 90069
            (310) 652-7014

            1. re: yinyangdi

              YES. Ajisai is the place. I was there about 2 weeks ago. Food and service was great. I've been there quite a few times in the last 6 months, always excellent. My sushi tastes are on the simple side, no big silly rolls for me, but I appreciate very good quality.

          2. Yabu on La Cienega near Beverly is pretty good. Decent sushi and some fun cooked items and noodles. Also, much better atmosphere there than Katsuya. They have a nice garden patio.