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Nightspots for the over 40's crowd

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So I have only been back in the Montreal for 3 or 4 months. I have found many good and great places to eat. But where is a good place to grab a drink for the over 40's crowd that isn't cheesey? help!

Downtown would be nice.

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  1. Pullman (McGill ghetto area)
    Phillips Lounge (downtown)
    Else's (Plateau)
    Reservoir (Plateau)
    All of these have very different feels, but I wouldn't call any cheesy.

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        Second Else's, great spot (on Roy a couple blocks off St-Lo). Haven't been in some time, though - do they still have live music on Sundays?

    1. I like Upstairs on Mackay and you get jazz too. The bar is great especially on Sunday if Leo is tending.

      1. I like to eat at the bar at Globe on St laurent when in Montreal