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Mar 25, 2009 10:21 AM

Pho Golden Cow Bailey's X Roads?

I want my husband to pick up some soup on his way home from work, but I can't find the address for this one. The only one I see is on Jefferson-I thought this was on Arlington Blvd? Did I read someone said it was in the same shopping center as the old Cha Giao?

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  1. Depends on where you were looking to go.

    The Jefferson Street address is in the Skyline area (Rte 7 just off 495) which some directories tend to cvall "Falls Church" but it isn't Falls Church, by a long shot, in my opinion. lists the (farther out) Falls Church address as 7246 Arlington Blvd

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      It's on the corner of Graham Rd. and Arlington Blvd in the strip mall next to the Harvest Moon Chinese restaurant.

    2. I can see why you're a bit confused. There are two Golden Cows, one in the strip on Arlington Boulevard at Graham Road where, a long time ago, the Jefferson Theater used to stand. That area is still sometimes called "Jefferson." It's where Cha Giao used to be.

      The other one is across from Skyline near Bailey's Crossroads on the strip along Jefferson Street with Edy's Chicken and Steak on one end and Bamboo Buffet on the other.

      By the way, for other skinflints like me, Golden Cow just raised the price of their pho by half a dollar, and they now charge for tea, which used to be free. I go to the Bailey's location often enough so that they recognize me, and although I never said anything about the price increase, the cashier apologized profusely to me about the price increase when I went to pay my bill. She said they just couldn't afford to give away tea any more.

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        He ended up bringing me a large from Pho 75 (his office is just a mile down the street). We live in pho-less Clarke County and both telecommute-therefore there is little pho in our hermitlike existence. But the soup was REALLLY good- yummy broth (though I like it a bit more on the anise-cinammony side) a TON of bean sprouts and basil, and the meat (flank and brisket) was very good-maybe better than most other palces I have had. They don't pack the raw meat to go, which makes sense. When we both were working on-site (Falls Church and Old Town) we used to swing by Cha Giao regualarly and really used to enjoy it.
        Anyway last night 75 definitely filled the pho void - at least for now...... But the Golden Cow still tempts me to worship there as well