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Mar 25, 2009 09:57 AM

Classy lounge for 35 yrs and up

Hey everyone, I am looking for a nice classy lounge where I can take a few of my "older" friends out. I want to take them somewhere where they can sit on a nice sofa and drink without having to worry about people stepping on their feet. Any suggestions?

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  1. The Sky Lounge at the Park Hyatt. Great view of the city, old-school vibe, strong well-made cocktails.

    1. You could try Panorama in the Manual Life Centre at Bay and Bloor.
      There is also Brant house at King and Brant.
      Forte at Richmond and York has a nice lounge and a good wine list.

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      1. re: JennaBean

        Second the Panorama. Don't go for the food, but for the view and the space isn't too bad, either.

        1. re: redearth

          Panorama and Park Hyatt get my votes, too.

        2. re: JennaBean

          Hey Thanks! I forgot about Panoramam!

        3. Another vote for the Hyatt, also the Four Seasons

          1. I guess I'm part of the "older" crowd now...sniff, sniff...personally, I haven't set foot in Panorama for at least a decade. For me, it just feels like an 80's cliche with bad decor and no real vibe (or at least that's how it felt back then). Park Hyatt has a timeless old world elegance - I don't go there often but it's a nice spot. There's always The Drake - if you're not that too late, you can generally avoid having your toes stepped on. You might also try the bar in the Hazelton or at Sen5es.

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            1. re: peppermint pate

              pravda vodka bar?
              but really, you cant go wrong with the park hyatt or four seasons.

              1. re: domesticgodess

                Pravda seemed very meat market the one time I went, and $10 for a little drink is no joke. Definitely doesn't seem right for the 35+ crowd.

                1. re: morefoodplz

                  Meat market, eh? I've never been but I always imagined it as more classy. Now I sort of don't want to go if that's the atmosphere.

                  1. re: radiopolitic

                    The night I went was in Dec 08, it was half reserved for a private party (the upstairs), and a regular night below. The crowd seemed like typical Bay Street types to me, but I wouldn't really recommend that to 35+ people who don't want their toes stepped on. It's also pretty loud.

                    There's another vodka bar called Proof near Bloor and Avenue that looked a little more like somewhere a 35-year-old might go, but I can't be sure since I never went in.

                    1. re: radiopolitic

                      Just depends on the night and time at Pravda. Tuesday afterwork has a classier crowd than Thursday night around midnight. The actual space is quite nice- it's just the people inside that change the vibe.

              2. I still like Kultura (and the food, if you want any, is better there too). But it's downtown - only thing is it's main floor and the dining patrons will pass by on their way upstairs.