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Mar 25, 2009 09:42 AM

dessert wine tasting at wineries

my husband and i are spending some time in napa and sonoma and we both enjoy dessert wines, especially muscats. are there any wineries we should be visiting to taste sweet wines?

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  1. Paradise Ridge's 2007 LH Sauvignon Blanc is worth a detour. They have tastings both at the winery in Santa Rosa and at a tasting room in Kenwood.

    1. Where about in Napa and Sonoma, and do you like Fortified and Red LH as well?

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        That's my only current recommendation. I don't drink a lot of California wine.

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          Oops, I meant for that to be a reply for 'ztarsh.'

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          we'll be travelling b/w Napa and St. Helena, both on 29 and silverado trail and then b/w sonoma and healdsburg with stops around forestville and sebastapol. i'm not very familiar with fortified and red lh - however i am happy to try anything. I do really enjoy port.

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            One of my favorites is the Holdredge LH Pinot gris. Holdredge (good pinot as well) is on the south side of Healdsburg, near the river. They also have a LH Gwertz, but it doesn't quite have the acid of the pinot gris.

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              Port is a fortified wine. Fortified means that it is 'fortified' with a neutral spirit, commonly brandy.

              Since no winery's specifically make dessert wines (with the exception of some port houses) "good" dessert wines will vary vintage to vintage. If you go into tasting rooms and ask for JUST dessert wines, you will likely get some weird looks. Go in with an open mind, and try all the wines. They wont kill you...if you spit

          2. Praeger Port works in Napa makes a wide range of good ports.

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              I second this one. Praeger is one of my favorite stops:)

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                It's spelled Prager, and, to my palate, the Prager ports are very disappointing.

            2. Robert Mondavi Winery in Oakville has two - Moscato d' Oro 2007 and a Sauvignon Blanc Botrytis 2000

              1. If you really like dessert wines, it might be worth planning a trip to Madera county at some point. Last time I was in that area we visited both Quady (many delicious and unique dessert wines) and Ficklin (port, using true Portuguese varietals). There are other wineries in that area that I would guess also make dessert wines.