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Mar 25, 2009 09:21 AM

Prep Lasagna ahead of time

I'm planning on assembling a meat and cheese lasagna on Thursday night of this week, but don't plan to bake it until Saturday. Does anyone think this will adversely effect the taste or texture of the lasagna after baking?


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  1. Nope. It'll be great and probably will give the flavors time to meld. My only advice would be to bring to room temp before baking, otherwise the cheese can get a little overdone, IMO. Enjoy - sounds delish!

    1. I would not assemble without baking. Make it, bake it, then store it covered in the fridge. It's always better the "second" day anyway.

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        I agree. If you let it sit unbaked, the noodles get oddly mushy. It's like leaving dry pasta in water for a few days.

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          Beat me to that. I was just replying when I saw the post. If possible bake ahead most of the way through about 3/4 and then reheat. KiltedCook and Chowser, beat me too that. I realize after I posted I forgot to add that. Absolutely the best way.

          1. re: kchurchill5

            I went ahead and did assembled the lasagna last night and cooked it approx. 3/4 way through. Thanks everyone for all the advice.

      2. Totally agree with jenhen2. I do that a lot. Sometimes and I mean some times if it sits a couple of days the noodles can soak up a lot of the juice of the sauce. I have added a little chicken broth in the pan to add a little of moisture. A couple of times when I let it set that long it seemed drier to me. 1/2 way through the cooking I just checked and noticed it was a bit drier. So now, If it sets over 24 hrs I add about 1/2 cup maybe a bit more along the edges so it seeps in. It just added some moisture and worked great. But yes, bring to room temp and bake away. It should be perfect.

        1. I had your same question a few months ago, and ended up doing a little experiment, which I posted about on this board, but basically I made 2 sausage and spinach lasagnes (with pre-cooked noodles) and baked one that night and froze the other one without baking. I froze some of the immediately-baked one. Later, I fully defrosted the unbaked one and baked it. In the end, niether my husband nor I could detect any difference between the immediately-baked, immediately-baked then frozen, and unbaked one. So...I'd say go with whichever is most convenient for you...but do note that this "test" was done with pre-cooked noodles, which may make a difference in light of what above posters say about mushy noodles...wasn't a problem in either of my lasagnes, but could be if they are the "no-bake" kind.