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Mar 25, 2009 09:11 AM

Dine in Brooklyn - anyone been yet?

Are there any places that do a particularly good showing for Dine-In Brooklyn and/or are worth the trip this week?

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  1. Many of the more popular restaurants offering DIB specials have been fully booked for two weeks. You have a few alternatives:

    --choose a restaurant off-the-beaten track or off the chowhound radar
    --choose a restaurant with a bar and accept seating at the bar (eg, Applewood)
    --call several places and ask if there have been any cancellations
    --go to and pull down the Brooklyn map under the "dealfeed" heading.
    With the economic situation, many restaurants are offering low-priced prix-fixe meals throughout the year, not just during DIB (eg, Ici)

    Good luck..and report back on your experiences.

    1. Last night -- Tempo -- really good. Generous portions. Limited menu compared to their usual but quite a few choices. Excellent bargain. Since they usually have the 2nd room closed during the week, this promotion is being handled by opening it up and it was 2/3rds filled last night, alongside a filled main room and bar area.

      1. The best bargain of DIB is the $23 BBQ platter @ Waterfront Ale House. Pork, chicken, brisket, ribs, sweet potato fries, and slaw. As in previous years, last night didn't disappoint. Easily enough food for 4 people, and I'd put their BBQ up against most places in NYC.

        1. Maybe my initial response was a bit hasty. This evening (Wednesday), DIB tables were available at Palo Santo and Playa in Park Slope. redygirl, don't hesitate to phone around for a table and, if booked, ask if you can eat your meal at the bar.

          1. Rose Water last night - last minute reservations (dinner at 5:45, but still . . .) Three courses, three choices each. Optional $14 wine pairings. We both had Mahi Mahi which was excellent and both the salads were great. I like the DIB vibe - bustling busy restaurants are fun to go to rather than empty quiet ones (sometimes). Service was still great, even given they were training new staff. All in all, thumbs up.