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Mar 25, 2009 08:59 AM

yonge and eglinton date suggestions?

Hey guys, first date with a lovely girl in the yonge and eglinton area, just looking for any suggestions, restaurant wise or ambiance wise, restaurant? cafe? dinner? dessert? anything appreciated, thanks

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  1. Coquine for classic french bistro, Zucca or Quince as well. All are similarly priced with good food and not so loud that you can't have an intimate conversation. After dinner, you could try downstairs at Centro for drinks and jazz (you need to check out which nights they have it).

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    1. re: Snarf

      I love Quince (as is obvious if one were to review my prior posts) and Zucca, but I'd say Coquine might be more first-date appropriate (a bit more casual, yet still very nice).

      That's my opinion, as someone in her mid-thrties. mwalton11, if you're much younger or older than me, I might have different advice.

      1. re: torontofoodiegirl

        I really did not enjoy the service or food at Coquine. Too loud (not in a good way if that makes any sense), and compared to all the other French bistros in town, I've had much superior "classic" French bistro fare. Honestly, it also felt like a bit of a pick-up joint the night I was there-people getting wasted at the front and near the bar etc...


      1. re: h2o

        Over on Mt. Pleasant are Phebe's and Celestin. I like the staff at Phebe's. The seafood is great too. Celestin has some nice variety on the menu, though I've only looked at it while having brunch there. South of Eglinton on Yonge is Tabule, which could be fun, if you're both interested in Middle Eastern food.

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          thanks for the suggestions guys, i'm going to check their sites and see what catches my eye, were in our mid twenties, foodiegirl

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            ''641 Mt. Pleasant Rd. In The Yonge-Eglinton Area - Zee Grill Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar - Is One Of The Oldest And Best Seafood Restaurants/Oyster Bars In Toronto, Serving Oysters, Lobster, Steak, Fish And Seafood To Toronto Since 1981 As Phebe's Oyster Bar and Zee Grill Since 1999''

            1. re: lamaranthe

              A lot of really nice restaurant ideas have been offered throughout this thread, but I maintain that Phebe's Zee Grill is a really top notch choice. My SO and I have taken my parents there a couple of times for celebrations. They aren't intimidated by the menu, we are pleased with the variety and creativity coming from the kitchen, the wine list is approachable and has many affordable choices, and the staff is knowledgeable and isn't afraid to make suggestions. I can't say enough good things about this place. It's definitely date-worthy, especially if you are both seafood fans and share the seafood platter -- very romantic. It's not a quiet, pretentious place, but a friendly neighbourhoood gem which has thrived for many years and outlasted many on Mt. Pleasant's restaurant row.

          2. re: h2o

            Went to Lolo tonight and had a wonderful dinner! Great local place!!! Will highly recommend this to others. We had the prix fixe and it's well worth the $25!

          3. Coquine is very good - except if you want to have a private conversation with your date. The place is awfully noisy on week-ends. What about Taboulé? Or La Vecchia?

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            1. re: lamaranthe

              I agree that Coquine can be a bit noisy (though I still think it's a decent choice). I thought of Tabule, but didn't mention it because the food seemed less "safe" (for the reasons sweetpea mentions below); however, if your date is into Middle Eastern food, it's great. La Vecchia's not wildly exciting, IMHO, but you could definitely do worse.

              1. re: torontofoodiegirl

                With the fabulous Zucca just south of Eglinton there really isn't a reason to go to La Vecchia. It's far too hit or miss for a first date.

                Of all the places mentioned (I don't really think the OP could go wrong with any of them), I'd pick Phebe's Zee Grill. There's just a certain romantic feel to the room. That is, unless the date-ee is a vegetarian.

                1. re: Googs

                  I 2nd Phebe's Zee Grill, never had a bad experience there.

              2. re: lamaranthe

                You can have a look at La Vecchia's page : -- The atmosphere is warm, service friendly. The mussels they serve are as good as those of Coquine's. And at Coquine I would highly recommend the Caprese Salad with Bocconcini and Heirloom Tomatoes (which in the good old time were simply called 'Field Tomatoes') - They are so flavourful... and there is enough for 2 as an appetizer. I was not impressed by the Onion Soup. Many people praise their steak but I did not try it.

              3. Maybe your date posts here.....

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                  Make sure whichever place you choose is the type of place in which you will feel comfortable (and hopefully she will too). You both want to be at your most charming. My boyfriend (of 10+ years) let me choose the restaurant on our first date. I asked him if he liked sushi. He said sure. We went and had a great dinner, though he later confessed that he'd never eaten raw fish before and was completely winging it to impress me. Great guy, which is why I decided he was a keeper, but I felt badly that he was out of his element that night. What if he had never used chopsticks before, or had eaten the whole mound of wasabi, thinking it was a mild garnish (he's colour blind -- who knows what the wasabi looks like to him?). It could have been a disastrous first date. It wasn't, but it's thoughtful to choose some place that allow you both to enjoy each other's company, while enjoying the food, service and ambiance. Just my two cents.

                  1. re: 1sweetpea

                    Of course, that begs the question, sweetpea: did he discover a love for sushi that night? Because that would make the love story twice as sweet. :)

                    1. re: Wahooty

                      Absolutely! He's become even more adventurous than me ... in all cusines. We travel the world together and he's a fearless foodie. I'm less fearless, but more foodie. ;-)

                2. If you like Mexican you should try Mariachis. Good food and great margaritas. I think its a great place for a first date as its low key, casual and fun.

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                  1. re: beergal

                    Just a note, Mariachis is closed/boarded up at the moment for renos. I walked by sometime last week and they said that the renovations would last until the end of the month.

                    As far as some of the suggestions posted above, I also think Coquine would be a little loud for a first date. I do like Lolo and Zee Grill as options though -- I enjoy the food at both places, and both dining rooms are lovely.