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Mar 25, 2009 08:54 AM

breakfast near the pan pacific

I am looking for quick, easy and delicious spots near the pan pacific to grab breakfasts, early lunches? I will be staying there in April and might need to grab a bite before I head out for the day a couple of times. Ideas? thoughts?

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  1. My recs would be Cafe Artigiano for some of the best espresso in the city. They also serve breakfast-y items and sandwiches, etc.

    White Spot (I'll get flack for this) for eggsy breakfast. It's an "institution" here in BC.

    Finch's (Sandwiches).

    Mink - a espresso/chocolate bar for a quick mocha if you are into that sort of thing.

    There are quite a number of decent spots in that area towards Gastown...but maybe for a later lunch (eg The Greedy Pig, etc.)

    1. Vancouver generally is not good for weekday breakfasts, however, about two blocks from the Pan Pacific on Howe Street (x Pender St). is Scoozies. It's a Greek guy that owns it so everything is skewed a bit that way. Breakfasts are good (the granola/yogurt is fab)and so are the individual pizzas for lunch - all nade fresh on the premises and cheap too!

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        Ooh. Scoozis looks just perfect! Checked out Yelp comments too and super close. A must!

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          I thought of somewhere else - about a 1/2 a block further along Howe Street is Scioue (pronounced Shoo-ay) - it's an Italian coffee bar - excellent pane romana - including a really good breakfast sandwhich, italian pastries, and really good coffee to boot.

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            Also added to the list. You are the best!