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Mar 25, 2009 08:45 AM

KCMO- Mediteranean, please.

I miss Iliki Cafe so much I could cry. The place on 39th St. is pretty good (where Otto's used to be) and I also frequent the Med market on Metcalf @75th. What don't I know about? Hip me to some other places...

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  1. Have you tried Habashi House in the RiverMarket? I used to work in a place that did Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food; Habashi House's food tastes like what the Middle Eastern and Persians I worked with would cook for the staff. It is very good and their specials and falafel are excellent. The only downside for me is the styrofoam disposables they use.
    I love the Al-Habashi market next door. I get supplies for work there often.

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    1. re: zataar

      We got alot for Iliki there. I forgot about that place, actually. Is it just take away? If I remember or even know I'm gonna swing in for take-out, I'll bring my polybicarbonate storage containers. Alot of people will think you a freak, but who cares? They're great for left-overs at home and I think they even sell them at Bed Bath and Beyond. Then again, I still forget most of the time even when they're in the trunk.

      1. re: inbiz

        No, the Habashi House restaurant next door to the grocery had dine-in as well. Still on styrofoam. They have an excellent veg sampler plate, with the best falafel I've had in town. Shwarma is good too.

        1. re: heatherkay

          If you go to Habashi House Tuesdays through Fridays they have terrific specials. Maftoul with chicken, loobehia, which is green beans and braised beef, or cilantro chicken. The specials are truly Arabic home cooking and worth the styrofoam I suppose. I won't turn the specials down or the veggie combo. Habashi House is a very nice place.

    2. As zataar says, Habashi can't be beat. The only thing I don't like is that they quit doing their Tuesday tahini cauliflower special, which was one of my favorite dishes I've ever eaten in my life. They're wonderfully nice people and their food is the most authentic I've found in KC.

      I dearly miss Sahara Cafe on Metcalf in Overland Park and Cafe Rumi in 39th. Thoughts about the owners aside, both places did absolutely top-notch food. Marwan Chebaro of Rumi made a Lebanese garlic sauce that contended easily for the best things I've ever tasted in my life. His flatbread sandwiches -- ugh, I could die remembering them. Rumi's departure is a huge hole in KC's culinary landscape.