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Mar 25, 2009 08:25 AM

Philly Hound travelling to edison, NJ for several days need help with BYO's and good food

We'll be staying in the Mariott Courtyard but going back and forth between Perth Amboy and there. Any and all recs for moderate to inexpensive great food appreciated. Ethnic food preferred.

thanks in advance!!

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  1. I recently found meyself in the area and having read the thread below had a wonderful lunch at the Dragon Palace. As tasty and authentic as anything I ever ate in Philly's Chinatown.

    1. You'll be within easy driving distance of Iselin which is a center of Indian food . Oak Tree road is a main street that has many Indian Restaurants .
      For Polish there are two good choices but in each case about a twenty minute drive ... Big Stash' on Wood Ave in Linden , just off Rte ! and Krakowiak in South River .
      For Italian Lucas on Rte 27 is a good choice .

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        Must disagree about Lou Cas,which may qualifiy as a byo, but the management is hostile and the food is so-so. Better and friendlier choices exist in the area.

        We love Wonder Seafood on Route 27, a Hong-Kong style seafood house. There is an English menu and a Chinese menu-- even though the Englsh menu is fine, the manager will gladly suggest things from the latter (ex--home-style grouper, which is one of our favorites. Also the deep fried Beijing pork chops). In general, avoid meat dishes that say Szechuan or Hunan--they are only there for the takeout trade.

        1. re: albinoni

          Sadly, I agree about Lou Cas. I was dissapointed the last three times I ordered .
          I've been very happy there in the past, but I'm kind of down on them lately. Every time I have a mediocre meal it takes me longer and longer to want to go back and give it another shot.. I hope I'm the exception and just having bad luck There's a Sri Lanken place in a strip mall east of Loucas that I've been interested in trying. Has anyone been there?

          Couple places in Pertth Amboy that I've been happy with in the past.

          Cohibas in Perth Amboy for Cuban has good food, great prices and a nice room with a lunch counter as well as seating, Parking can be tough. There's a school next door that eats up most of it. There's is a building on the opposite side of the street though with a good sized lot..

          287 State St
          Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
          (732) 293-0008‎

          If you like chimichurri sandwiches (seasoned ground beef on a toasted bun with a tomato-mayo sauce) there's a Dominican place called Rancho, If the older lady is doing the cooking you're in luck. She's not always there but when she is she really takes the time to make a perfect sandwich every time. They have a variety of meats and sausages behind the counter that they serve by the plate as well and usually have a tray of mangu, If you're looking for something adventurous chances are you'll see it behind the counter here.

          163 New Brunswick Ave
          Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

          There's also a Peruvian place by the corner of Jeffries and Amboy Ave. They aren't listed on any maps but everytime I go in there the place is doing a good amount of business. Cheap and good. I tend to like their rice and beans so much that I always seem to order it over trying something new. They cook different types of beans depending on the day. I do remember it for being a great value and for having a couple interesting things on the menu. Beef heart was one dish and I think they had some kind of dish with chicken livers and avocado.

          Bonao for Puerto Rican. . Whenever I ask people in Perth Amboy for a reccomendation for a restaurant this place gets mentioned over and over again. Again I go strait to the rice and beans so I haven't tried too much of the menu. But I have had the mofongo before and it was delicious and the desserts here are all homemade.

          349 Oak St
          Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
          (732) 442-6490

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            The place you're thinking of is Mee Mah, a Mayasian-Chinese restaurant. I was there last about 6 months ago. It's ok, used to be better.

            1. re: jrd303

              jrd--just reread your post re the Sri Lanken restaurant, and realized you were thinking of someplace in a different strip mall. Mee Mah is in the same mall as Lou Cas, a few doors down. Don't know anything about the Sri Lanken rest., but would love to know more.

          2. re: arpad

            We love Indian, which restaurants do you recommend? we also like Latin, and Polish, but would love some Indian recs.



          3. Mie Thai on Main Street in Woodbridge usually gets excellent reviews if you like Thai food. If you feel like a pint of microbrewed beer there's JJ Bittings directly across the street. Tell them that scrappy sent you.


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              J.J.Bittings is o.k. for a beer and burger but their entrees are lacking .
              If you want a drink with a Thai meal go to Pad Thai on the main street of Highland Park .

            2. Having grown up in Edison, here would be my authentic picks in and around:
              Chinese - Wonder Seafood, Dragon Palace
              Thai - Thai Basil (Piscataway), Mie Thai (Woodbridge)
              Korean - Kimchi Hana (South Plainfield)
              Japanese - Mr Pi's (Metuchen)
              Indian - Mogul, anything on Oak Tree Road in Iselin

              They also just opened a sushi buffet last week at the Menlo Park mall called Ichiumi .. if you like sushi, I recommend it. At about $30 bucks per person for dinner, you'll definitely get your money' worth:

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                I hope the restaurant is better than their website. Heading there tomorrow for Father's Day.. although the "Father's Day Special Event" on their website has me worried. "Special Event" usually means, "jack up the prices".

              2. Welcome to Central NJ...Harold's NY Deli, 3050 Woodbridge Ave. is just down the block from the Mariott Courtyard...Overstuffed Pastrami, Corned Beef , Turkey, list goes on..Portions are extremly large...High turnover place ,hugh pickle bar and being a high turnover place everything fresh..Prices a little on the high side but understand, one sandwich can feed two or three, with some leftover to take home..Harold is usually there..
                Skip the free breakfast offerings at the Marriot and stop in at Pantagis Diner, also very close to you..Fluffy omlettes,strong coffee and oversized english muffins....