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Mar 25, 2009 07:58 AM

sushi for dinner tonight in Baltimore

Date night dinner tonight, we want to go for sushi. what places are best in Baltimore? I know of RA, Tsunami, Matsuri, and XS. I've been ro RA before, but no where else. Thanks!

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  1. I'd go with Matsuri...especially for a date night.

    1. I like XS. The sushi is pretty good, and they have an incredible drink menu. The setup is pretty cool, too; very industrial and modern looking.

      1. definitely matsuri for date night!

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          Thanks for the input! A co-worker today mentioned Minato also...any opinions?

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            Minato's sushi quality is high and the space (on Charles Street) is pretty. The others you have listed (with the exception of Matsuri) just aren't that good. XS in particular is only of middling quality.

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              Minato is actually great- the owners are also really friendly and have always made a point to chat with us whenever we pop in (and we're def not regulars, so it's not like we get favoritism). They also have really innovative rolls. Either place is a win, in my opinion.

          2. I love the sushi at My Thai in Mt. V. All dates I've taken to My Thai have loved the thai and the sushi.

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              RA is tourist sushi to sell drinks. Sushi Hana has a new branch on Falls Rd. Downtown, Minato has less cute atmosphere than My Thai, but it tastes good.

            2. If you search this board you will find some people love Matsuri, and some people hate it. I am in the latter. I think the quality is on par with what you get at most places, and it's severely over-priced. I've had bones in my sushi before, and it's kind of gross inside. If your idea of sushi is a couple Sapporo's, some good sashimi, and very good rolls, pick up a 6-pack and head to Asahi in Fells Point. It's just as good, in a nice new space, and is BYOB.