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Mar 25, 2009 07:44 AM

Charleston Caterers

I am getting married, and I am starting to look into caterers. So far I have found Cru, JBC and Mediterra on my own. Hamby's was recommended to me by a local. Carolina Catering is the preferred vendor of one location we are considering, and there would be a fee to bring in another caterer. Any info you have on any of these caterers, or any I haven't mentioned, would be greatly appreciated.

I am interested in feedback not only on how the food tastes, but also if they had enough food for everyone (or if it looks like they did) and how was the food displayed (was it pretty). Also if you were the host of a catered party I would like to know any info you could share about costs and the professional relationship you had with the caterer.

Since I am looking into caterers for the wedding I have decided to get a jump start on food for the rehearsal dinner. I would like to have something low key, casual and fun, and I am thinking bbq, lowcountry boil or oyster roast. I would love to hear any recs you have or any other ideas on a fun food orientated rehearsal dinner!

Thanks in advance!


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  1. I have friends that are getting married and having the reception at the Rice Mill which uses good food catering.

    Which location are you thinking about?

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      We are considering the Magnolia Plantation, where I would have to use Carolina Catering unless I want to pay extra. We are also considering the Legare Waring House where we are allowed to bring in any caterer we want.

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        This reception was OK but I dont know if it was the caters fault or the brides request.

      2. First off, congratulations! I won't be much help with reception recs since we had ours at a hotel and they catered it. We did have a good experience with Charleston Bay Gourmet as our rehearsal dinner caterer. We had whole hog BBQ, grilled chicken, and a couple of sides (slaw and beans, I think). Dessert and tea, too, I believe (it's been a few years). I also looked at Tidewater Catering (and sampled their 'cue, yum!), and they seemed like a top-notch operation, too. I think their 'cue was a bit better (they were SC state champions one time), but Charleston Bay Gourmet beat them by quite a bit on price. I think both companies are good bets, and I think both also do oyster roasts and lowcountry boils to boot.

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          Thanks for the warm wishes Low Country Jon! I never knew Tidewater competed in bbq, and I was just at an event last week where they catered and they ran out of Q! I think I will be at another event in a month where they cater so I will make sure to get there early. Thanks for the help.

        2. All five of those caterers do fantastic jobs! I've used them all on behalf of client events and rest assured you're in good hands on your special day whichever you choose. Hamby's is famous for their ham biscuits and is an old Charleston favorite. JBC used to operate my favorite restaurant J Bistro, but they closed to focus fully on the catering business. Carolina Catering is also part of an excellent restaurant family and does creative things with seafood. Cru Cafe is one of the best restaurants in town and their catering is elegant and whimsical. Mediterra is solid and hits some nice points, but I'd probably rank it fifth in your list. Hope this helps!

          1. My wife and I married 3 years ago at Magnolia Plantation. For our rehearsal dinner, we wanted something local (since 99% of people were traveling in to Charleston, many for the first time). We used Jimmy Hagood at Blackjack BBQ / Food for the Southern Soul for pulled pork, Brunswick stew and other local foods. It wasn't fancy -- just straightforward good home cookin'.

            For our reception, we wanted an international buffet selection, as many of us had just graduated from the international MBA program at USC. Our wedding planner brought us to Trey; before he opened Granville's, he was just doing catering, and that is what he is back to now. The food was -fantastic-; we had a lot of ideas (sushi, cheeses, crepe station, etc) that he was able to accommodate -- this wasn't your carved prime rib and potatoes wedding. I can't recommend him enough.


            Finally, what was the Bookstore Cafe and is now then Charleston Cafe in Mt. Pleasant did our brunch; we didn't go all-out for that, but their potato dishes were outstanding (as they are if you get a chance to go there)

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              Just a note to mention that Blackjack BBQ is the same outfit as Tidewater Catering. They go by a lot of names.

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                We are considering getting married and having our reception at Magnolia. I am not sure if this was in place when you got married, but having someone other than Carolina Catering is an extra fee.

                I have heard good things about Granville's, but when I called I felt like I was blown off and treated rudely. However your rec coupled with the other 2nd and 3rd handed recommendations I have heard, I may have just caught Trey on a bad day.

                If you have the time....I would appreciate any additional info you would be willing to share about having your wedding at Magnolia. I will make sure to update my email in my profile. Thank you!

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                  I was recently at a party catered by Granville's. The food and presentation were excellent. it's probably the best catered food I've ever had. They had a chef preparing food in the kitchen and waiters walking around with small plates (they used glass plates and metal silverware, a nice touch).

              2. A couple of years ago, we used Good Food Catering for our wedding. We were very happy with them. They worked with us to create a tailored menu to our liking. We also did a coursed meal - which can be logistically challenging - and arranged for particular dishware with every course. They were very accommodating, and we received many compliments from our guests.