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Mar 25, 2009 07:19 AM

Morrone Pastry Shop and Cafe of Arthur Ave. now Open in Harrison

Just stopped into Marrone's to get a small birthday cake for a friend. It just opened on Halstead Ave in Harrison a week or so ago. They have a great assortment of pasteries and cookies - all the typical Italian sweets. They do all the baking on premises except for the breads. The breads are brought up each morning from the Arthur Ave location.

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  1. I don't think Marrone's bakes bread. I'm sure the bread is from one the bakeries on Arthur Ave or 187th St..

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      Could be. They told me it was sent up, so maybe I just misunderstood the part about it coming from their location. Thanks.

    2. Thats interesting... the Morrone's on Williamsbridge in the Bronx recently closed. I go to school around there and saw a "For Rent" sign

      1. Without knowing about this, we happened to try a few things from Morrone on Arthur Ave. when we were down there tonight for dinner. My husband bought a few small chocolate covered cannoli, a few lace cookies and my daughter wanted a mini napoleon. I can barely begin to describe how awful I thought every item was. I will state that my husband thought it was all good (not Veneiro's but good), and his father and stepmother did as well but they are from Southern Maryland and never had any italian pastry before so don't count.

        My problems with the items: lace cookies were exceedingly sticky and chewy and lacking flavor. I had one bite and threw it back in the box.

        The cannoli were filled with some kind of cream that didn't taste like it had even a passing acquaintance with ricotta. Even more perplexing, the cream was overwhelmingly cinnamony. I've never had nor ever expected to taste cinnamon in my cannoli. I don't get it. Again, one bite and done.

        Now the napoleon was downright inexcusable - not only was it super soggy but it was salty, really, really salty. So much so that I had to spit it out into a tissue. Now understand I don't normally do things like this so when I say it was salty and terrible I mean it.

        I'm glad we didn't buy a whole lot of other items. Most everything in the case looked lovely. Because this was an unplanned stop after dinner and we were already heading back to Westchester to get ice cream in Port Chester, we didn't buy much. I love sfogiatelle and didn't get any. Wish I had since I've now found a long thread here on sfogiatelle where Morrone is mentioned quite favorably but I didn't know that.

        Was this a freak experience? Do you guys like the place on Arthur Avenue and if so, what do you get there that you've enjoyed? Sad that there's now one in Harrison which is so close to our that and while I haven't tried it yet, I'm so completely put off I don't really want to. : (

        Does anyone know where they get the bread from? Is it Addeo's or another place? If Addeo's worth going over just for that.

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          I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I think you should give it another try. There are so many things to choose from - maybe you just happened to pick the ones that weren't to your liking. I know it is unusual, but I actually like the flavor of cinnamon in a cannoli, and have tasted it in other cannolis from different shops. I will stop in and ask about the bread. I didn't try any last time, but it sure looked delicious. I'll let you know when I find out where it is from. If it's worth anything, the small cake I bought for my friend's bday was quite good. It wasn't overly sweet like cakes can sometimes be and I felt like it had just the right amount of icing. I would certainly buy one again.

          1. re: westchesterdiner

            Okay. I won't write it off and will give the Harrison outpost a try. After all, I do have to try those sfogiatelle.

            btw - we had part of one cannoli left over and I tasted again. Still wasn't impressed but tasted the cream separate from the shell and the cinnamon seems to be in the shell itself, not so much in the cream. Still not to my liking but wanted to clarify.

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              Morrone's on Arthur has excellent sfogliatelle - and for pastry, I'm very fond of their small lobster tails (NOT the big ones), which are kind of a custard-filled vamp on the sfogliatelle. You might want to give those a try.

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