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Mar 25, 2009 06:55 AM

Singapore: Best Chappatis at Azmi

The Indian-Muslim stall, Azmi, at Thye Chong Eating House in Little India (corner of Norris Road and Serangoon Road) must serve the fluffiest, softest chappatis in Singapore!

I've always had a phobia of hard, chewy, unwieldy, almost inedible brown disks which passed for chappatis in most commercialized eating places in Singapore. Not so at Azmi, which has been operating from the same spot, using the same recipes, since 1944. The wholemeal flour used to make the chappatis are freshly milled in a shop two doors away.

There's an elderly Indian-Muslim man, with white flowing beard which reaches halfway down his chest, who stands in front of a large circular hot plate, making fresh chappatis which are then immediately served steaming hot to our table. We ate using our hands, tearing out soft chunks of chappatis & dipping them into saucers of tasty dhal gravy, or wrap them around pieces of delicious curried chicken. There were also scrambled lamb's brains (ugh, skip that) and at least 5 types of spiced vegetables to choose from: chopped cabbage, string beans, bitter gourd or snake gourd on the day we were there. Give the fried chillied fish steaks a miss, though, unless you're into fried-till-dry fish.

But the piece de resistance at Azmi must be their delectable mutton kheema, another 60-something-year -old staple - dark, spicy and totally addictive minced mutton, burning with red chilli oil, .redolent of a complex spice mix, sprinkled with green peas. Mutton kheema and chappatis - a marriage made in heaven!

Azmi's at Thye Chong Eating House
Norris Rd, Rochor, Singapore 20, SG

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  1. My goodness, an eatery in Singapore which is actually older than me! I always thought the only way to get to eat good chappatis in Singapore is to get invited to a Punjabi or Gujerati friend's house!

    Have you tried the chappatis at Jaggi's? They have an amazing array of tandooris, vegetarian dishes (don't miss trying the stuffed mini-bitter gourds, and stuffed capsicums) and perhaps the BEST tadka dhal in Singapore. I also liked the chicken tikka masala. All the food has this wonderful smoky flavour.

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    1. re: M_Gomez

      Jaggi's definitely up there with the best Indian dining spots in Singapore. Notwithstanding its casual cafeteria-like set-up, any place where off-duty chefs from other Indian restaurants come to eat must be good.

      I liked their selection of multi-coloured tandooris, and its butter chicken, where you can taste the smokiness of the tandoori chicken pieces despite its being blanketed by an ultra-rich artery-clogging pink butter-creme sauce.

      Another must-try at Jaggi's is their mini-bitter gourd stuffed with mashed, spiced vegetables.

      Not so great was their way-too-sweet, syrup-soaked rasgolla - I can feel the enamel hissing on my teeth.

      Jaggi's Northern Indian Cuisine
      34-36 Race Course Road, Singapore , SG

      1. re: klyeoh

        Hay klyeoh! You are making me salivate!!! By mentioning all these yummy food, which I missed out during my last trip. Are you trying to accelerate my next visit to S'pore? OK! if time permits, I'll come visit you folks again in 2011. ( For 2010, I'll be stopping by Vancouver before heading out to HK ). Give you time to plan for our next chowmeet!! Ha!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Chowmeet in 2011! Charles, you plan that far ahead?! I'm sure Azmi will still be around - any shop that's been operating from the same premises, using the same recipes for 65 years must be doing something right. Hope you can come sooner, Charles.

          I'm off to HK for a conference in mid-May - maybe go to Chungking Mansions to find more hole-in-the-wall Indian food joints there.