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Mar 25, 2009 06:32 AM

Portland - Any good eats?

Hello everyone! I'll be going to Portland next week and I would like to make the most of my time when it comes to my meals. Are there any places I should check out while I am there? I'm not at all familiar with the area or its specialties. All suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Jam, while not wanting to put you off as a newcomer to our excellent dining scene, I'd still suggest you have a look on the board, and then maybe refine your request as little. There are lots of posts, so if you just start with a "Portland" search, I think you'll learn a lot. Best wishes.

    1. I second taking the time to search this board for an in-depth look at the Portland restaurant scene. Here are my favorites:

      Caiola's - upscale dining (mediterranean)
      J's Oyster - waterfront seafood lunch
      Blue Spoon - casual dining (american eclectic)
      Becky's Diner - Breakfast with the locals
      Bonobo or Flatbread Pizza - great pizza and beer
      Ribollita - authentic Italian
      Susan's Fish and Chips - Lobster roll

      Dive right in.

      1. Well, Fore Street is one of five national nominees for this year's Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurant. It's up against such notables as Jean Georges (NY), Boulevard (SanFran), and Babbo (NY). Other Portland award winners are Hugos and 555. Each of these also has a lounge menu, if you're looking for something a bit less pricey. Other faves: Bresca, Caiolas, Evangeline, Duckfat (a MUST for the fries), and, oh goodness, there are so many good restaurants in Portland.

        1. Had a great meat at The Grill Room. Good service.