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has anyone been there
i saw the menu on-line look good priced right

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  1. Great little place serving Tibetan comfort food. Yum.

    1. I have never had a bad meal there. It has more spicy dishes than other Tibetan restaurants in the area (like Rangzen). Was a great place to take my vegan sister-in-law (they were able to adapt certain dishes). Highly recommended.

      1. That would be Martsa's. Sorry, I'm the spelling demon! I love the momos.

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          Never been yet, which is a crime.

          There is no apostrophe s -


          The Apostrophe Imp.

        2. Martsa on Elm doesn't do traditional Tibetan food, but Tibetan-in-exile-in-India cuisine, so it's much more Indian-leaning that other Tibetan places in town. I really enjoy it; many dishes are far spicier and more complex than most traditional Tibetan fare. I'm especially fond of their shamday, beef in a kind of yellow curry with lots of onions.


          1. had a few good meals at martsa on elm but prefer house of tibet kitchen in teele square. homey tibetan comfort food in a soothing environment. love their shogo labtak (potato cutlets), tena thukpa (mixed lentil soup), momos, and shoko khatsa (curried potatoes with ginger)

            1. I have to say we've only gone once and were disappointed. Everyone else seems to love it here! Perhaps a second visit is due. My chicken dish was bland and oily, even though I ordered it spicy. I honestly can't remember the name, but it had "spicy" in the title. The service was terribly slow.

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                my wife likes mild , bland , what ever you want to call Me spicy is ok
                do they have of her type to make it worth going

              2. They have dishes of varying spice levels. I've liked their food, although might not travel far for it if I didn't live in Davis. Their lunch buffet is nice too and gives you a number of different things to try. I just noticed walking by that they're going on a family vacation or something that is causing them to be closed starting March 31st for a week-- I think those are the dates. Anyone planning a visit might call ahead to double check.

                1. The curry-yogurt potato soup is fantastic! Also, the fried bread dessert thing is SO good!

                  1. I'll say this: it's THE place for salty tea with butter in it.

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                      Not to be contrarian, but I have to say I preferred -- to the extent that I like butter tea -- the butter tea at House of Tibet. But I do not love butter tea.


                    2. Great place, particularly since we're vegan and I'm gluten-free and there are about a dozen dishes for us to choose from which is rare in restaurants that aren't strictly vegetarian/vegan. The place has been busy when we've gone but worth the wait.