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Mar 25, 2009 05:54 AM

A Burlington GEM!

"Avenue Bistro" is one of those places you drive by and wonder what if ...
Luckily I was in town for work, snowed in, and this restaurant sort of adopted me. The owner and her lovely staff treated me as if I was their oldest / dearest customer so I returned and returned. The breakfasts alone were a reason for being. The flavors one associates with a childhood in New England infuse every pancake / French Toast and omelet. Lunch was transcendent as well, as a simple salad exploded with nuance of flavors. The freshness in every meal was palpable. I tend to judge every restaurant by their chicken dishes, as it is a difficult dish to make stand-out but Avenue Bistro seems to give every tiny aspect of their menu an obsessive care, and I was simply thrilled at their food. I can still taste their eggplant which like their pasta was perfectly al dente . Were I living in their neighborhood I would NEVER leave! Also if Vermont allowed bigamy, I would marry the entire staff.
What a pleasure it was to stop my car, and remember how food used to taste, courtesy of the "Avenue Bistro".

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    1. re: Injun Joe

      Looks like maybe Vermont

      The OP said: "If Vermont allowed bigamy..." :)

    2. So, which pancake flavors were good? How was the chicken prepared? And the salad flavors? The eggplant was grilled, wasn't it?

      1. So where is this? I mean, where in Burlington. :)

        1. When words and phrases like "the flavors one associates with childhood . . . infuse every pancake . . .", "Lunch was transcendent . . .", ". . . obsessvie care . . " etc. are used in a review but few details on the food are provided, I am uncomfortable with the authenticity of the review. This sounds more like a public relations piece than a chowhound sharing a find based on the food.

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          1. re: three of us

            I personally have not eaten there but this restaurant have received good reviews on a local restaurant website in Vermont.

              1. re: Morganna

                Could it be Seven Days? The listing seems to have positive reviews:

                1. re: Raedia

                  7 nights is the website I was referring to.

            1. re: three of us

              I agree with the comment by three of us............... For those wanting to try Avenue Bistro, it is on North Avenue in front of a small shopping plaza (just before the DMV). I also say, when in doubt, check it out (and sahre your findings).

              1. re: three of us

                I was surprised that someone was actually snowed in. Living near Montreal, it hasn't snowed in awhile, but again Burlington is at elevation, somewhat. Ski reports for Smugglers and Stowe do attest snow on March 22 and 23 so it can be possible, I guess.