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Where to Buy Fresh Pasta in Westchester?

I am looking for a place that sells freshly made pastas. I do not want "fresh" pasta that has then been frozen. I'm looking for really fresh pasta. The more variety of shapes and types, the better.
Anything in WP or the Mamaroneck, Harrison, Port Chester, Greenwich area?
I've never been to Arthur Ave, but suggestions there would also be welcomed.
Thank you!

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  1. Go right to Borgatti's on Arthur Ave. Their fresh ravioli is amazing, as is their fresh cut-to-order pasta.

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      I'll second Borgatt's, but if you're there around a holiday, show up early in the am or be prepared to wait in line.

    2. Turcos in Yorktown has fresh pasta

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        Fresh is good but I find that fresh frozen is best because they don't have to put preservatives or additives and I don't worry about it spioiling. Been to Mercu;rio's, lovely people. Villarina's and Trotta's nice noodles but Alternatives in Elmsford has the largest selecrtion of Raviolis and Pasta shapes and a gret homemade sauce.

      2. The Iron Tomato in White Plains on Mamaroneck has an excellent selection of pastas made in house and not frozen. Plus an wide array of sauces premade if you don't want to do it yourself. If you do want to make your own sauce they have like 15 different brands of San Marzano tomatoes. And they make a good cannoli too.

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          How could I have forgotten the Iron Tomato. It's where I get lunch!

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            where is it? Love San Marzano tomatoes. They are the best

            San Marzano
            38 Merrick Ave, Merrick, NY 11566

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              white plains mamaroneck ave not far from macys

        2. Mecurio's in Mamaroneck has pretty decent fresh pasta. They do have freezerfuls of frozen stuff, but they have daily specials that are fresh. (Or at least they used to. I haven't been there in a while.)

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            Apple Farms on Rte. 119 in WP/Greenburgh (Loehmann's shopping center) has fresh pasta.

            1. Trotta's in thornwood, makes their fresh pasta on premise, near the post office

              1. Dante's on Central Ave in Hartsdale - great italian deli with lots of imports and fresh pasta. Also shapes & sizes not found often

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                  I usually go to Borgatti's on Arthur Ave...but in a pinch go to Morton Williams in WP on Central Ave (near Hartsdale). It used to be Turco's and still have a pretty big fresh pasta section.

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                    trottas is basically a small fresh pasta factory, that also sells retail

                2. I second Trotta's in Thornwood. Very good stuff.

                  1. Borgatti's (on 187th street, across from the church) does have sublime ravioli and pasta (a friend's late mother said it was like eating silk :-) ), but when I can't get down there my favorite place in Westchester for fresh pasta is Dante's on Central Avenue (not wild about their ravioli - the pasta is a little thicker than I like). They'll cut it to any width you want. It's also an amazing grocery/takeout store - just don't go at lunch unless you're willing to spend a long time in line! Trotta's would be my second choice.

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                      trottas would be my first choice as they actually make the fresh pasta, and and good friendly people, dantes does not make their pastas, and the owner is not friendly

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                        I agree that they're friendly at Trottas, but Dante's is closer to me, and they'll custom cut it, since I usually prefer pappardelle for my favorite pasta dishes, and I don't remember if Trotta's will (sorry!). I've never had a problem with the owner, but one of the women behind the counter usually waits on me and they've all been very pleasant. But if you haven't been to Borgatti's, you must put it on a future visit! :-)

                    2. Pasta Vera near the top of the Avenue in Greenwich


                      1. I have gone to Trotta's several times and the pasta is good. I have also tried their tortellini and some of their saurces, all were excellent. I reccomend it.

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                          Best is the fresh frozen chicken tortelloni at Alternatives. They are huge!

                          1. I found a bit of Little Italy right here in a new shoppe that opened this year in Elmsford. They carry Homemade fresh frozen like I have never tasted. Fresh frozen is to preserve and tastes like it was just made! The shop is called Alternatives Village and I found them on facebook. They carry 18 types of ravioli and 10 types of homemade pastas. I had the shrimp and ravioli pasta and it had actual chunks of lobster and shrimp, not some shredded mystery seafood. Check it out

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                              good info thanks, a address would be cool if you have, or a location thanks again

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                                  Yes, that's the place. Really nice people. Cute shop with lots of goodies. Retro candie too. It's on a side street one block up from CVS. North Lawn. Phone is 347-5848. Mercurio's is where I used to go, nice people too but they don't have 18 types of ravioli and I love ravioli. Nothing like it in the county

                              1. Tarry Market in Port Chester has really great fresh homemade pasta in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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                                  +1 on Tarry Market.
                                  When I don't make it myself, that's where I go.

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                                    I have a thing for Tarry Market's braised short rib filled pasta (it comes in a variety forms, but generally only 1 per day). Yum

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                                      what kind of sauce do you put on short rib pasta?

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                                        Usually fresh tomato, garlic & oil, but mainly b/c our kids eat that

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                                      whre is this Tarry Market. Braised short-rib pasta--ym

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                                        it's on Main Street in Port Chester. Their selection of stuffed fresh pasta changes - we;ve had the butternut squash ravioli which wasn't there this past Sunday but we are now trying the rabbit ravioli ( the short rib pasta is amazing) And if they have chocolate bread available get it - fantastic

                                    3. John's Ravioli Co. in New Rochelle - they mainly sell wholesale but they will sell retail too.

                                      1. Alternatives in Elmsford is having a 15% off this week!

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                                          arrosto in port chester also makes their own and sells it over the counter.