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Mar 25, 2009 03:35 AM

Best recent meal? Here's mine...

Any standout meal recently you'd care to share about?

I finally went to Po last night. It's hard to believe I've never been to this little Italian gem. Seriously one of the best recent meals I've had. We didn't do the tasting menu (currently six courses for $52), and instead ordered a la carte.

We split the Beet Crudo Salad w/ Goat Cheese, Pappardelle w/ Duck Ragu, Veal Marsala, and Apple Crostada w Vanilla Gelato. Each course was nothing short of outstanding. The dishes sound so simple but are downright transcendent - really that good. There was a lot of "oohing" and "aahing." Total was $62 before tip. We did not have wine, just water plus one coffee with dessert. I'm going back soon to try Guinea Hen and White Bean Ravioli.


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  1. Eleven Madison Park- prawn and calamari gnocchi, scallops, sucking pig, lamb, lavender duck, black angus tenderloin and short rib, vermont quark souffle, chocolate candy bar dessert, cranberry dessert, some other chocolate thing I forget but unbelievable. And all the free bies.

    1. Degustation 10-course tasting menu. Fantastic!