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Mar 25, 2009 01:05 AM

Namibia recommendations?

We are a family of 4 foodies going to Namibia next week: 2 nights in Windhoek, 2 nights in Swakopmond, and 2 nights in the desert on safari. Any good restaurant recos? We are adventurous eaters and drinkers, love local places, and we need kid-friendly, nothing overly fancy. Would love any recos any of you have.


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  1. Hi RPD

    Go for drinks (or a meal) at Hotel Heinitzburg in Windhoek. Lovely views, especially at night, from the terrace.

    A kid-friendly cultural dining experience is to be found at Joe's Beer House in Windhoek, and the food is good.

    Do a 1/2 day cultural tour in Swakopmund through Hata Angu and you will have a lovely traditional African meal - groundnuts, stews, pap, and the kicker - mopane worms (caterpillars). If you do your half day in the morning, you'll get lunch, in the afternoon you'll get dinner.

    My other Swakopmund food recommendation is The Tug. Book in advance and ask for a seat by the windows. Order the linefish (whatever's freshly caught). Also, ask about oysters, as Walvis Bay provides some excellent oysters to fine restaurants all over Africa, and they're just down the road. You'll find good traditional German bakeries in Swakopmund too. Take some kuchen on the road when you leave!

    Amazingly, there is a lovely wine produced in Namibia, called Neuras, made on a farm not far from Sossusvlei. (The winemaker is from the excellent estate, Springfield, in the Breede River wine region of South Africa.) If you're in the area, you might also fit in a wine tasting...!

    I also suggest popping in for a taste of traditional biltong, either along the road at a farmstall (you'll see the stands signposted), or in one of the smaller towns. You can ask around for good sources in Windhoek. Try a range of it - kudu, eland, beef, etc.

    Drink Windhoek lager, the best beer in Africa.

    I'm envious -- Namibia is one of my favourite places!

    1. RPD,

      Another nice restaurant in WHK is also Sardinia. Like Kurt mentioned, Joe's B. is a definite winner.

      In Swakopmund there is also the Brauhaus (lunch or supper), or Lighthouse. If you would like some good pizza, then try the Wurstbude. The Tug is indeed again, also recommended. The German bakery Cafe Treff is good as well as the African Cafe opposite the Municipality for breakfast.

      Solitaire makes some mean apple tart when travelling in the desert.

      Enjoy the vastness of Nam.
      Its awesome.

      I grew up in Swakop

      1. Another vote for Joe's. Had ostrich neck casserole, like ox tail, was wonderful. Had spent about 2 months in Namibia in 2003, is on my list of one of my five best countries. Make sure you go to Sossusvlei and climb those dunes, an otherworldly experience, just great

        1. Hey, rpd, any update or report from your trip? It looks like from your posts you are also in the Wash/Balto region.

          Certainly post about your food experiences here, but if you would like to share any other Namibia information with me, then you can always PM me. My e-mail address is in my profile.