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best cheez-its flavor?

i'm craving some crunchy, cheesy snack -- and the cheez-its are on sale! tell me your favorites, please. http://www.cheez-it.com/cgi-bin/brand...

i'm afraid some of the flavors may be limited to certain regions, like the best doritos flavors never make it to d.c., but stay in the s.w. u.s.....

e.g., i just tried to find the "pepper jack" variety at a local store with the cheez-it search function...no luck..... ;-(.

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  1. IMHO, white cheddar or parmesean are the best.

      1. definitely the white cheddar or parmesan....the garlic parmesan ones are good too

        1. White cheddar flavor = crack.

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          1. Thank God I have discipline and self control at the store, because I have none at home. A box of cheez-it's would not last a day at the house. They are all good but I am partial to the original flavor. Also, isn't it amazing how lousy Cheez-Nips are.

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              i bought some cheez-nips one time because they were much cheaper thinking they were comparable .....BAD IDEA....lol...they are awful

              1. I like the Cheez-Its BIG.

                1. I'm a purist and I like the original best.

                  To comment on the other brands, I've found that the Trader Joe's brand, while it has a slightly different flavor is quite good.

                  1. The orig is my favorite. I also like the BIG, but I can only buy cheez-its in small boxes because I have no self control at all with these things.

                    Oh, and who the hell buys Cheez-Nips? I cant believe they're still around! Horrible.

                    1. I'm also a purist--nothing but the original for me!
                      I grew up within a few miles of the Sunshine factory in Sayreville, NJ (closed after the company was sold to Keebler).
                      I have fond memories of our neighbor, who worked in the factory, bringing us bags of Cheez-its still warm from the production line!
                      That was one factory that always smelled great whenever you drove past!

                      1. I did not care for the pepper jack, or the tabasco (husband did) - my white cheddar flavor, once open, are usually gone in a day or two (unless I bring them to work with me)

                        Have you tried Flip Sides? Half pretzel, half cheddar cheese cracker? Kind of interesting.

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                            I have eaten Cheezits for 50+ years. The original ones are still the best...especially if they are a bit brown on the edges. I cannot buy them very often because I will eat the whole box. I have made a rule for myself 'The NBC Rule' which stands for 'Never Buy Cheezits.' But then I break the rule every so often. I'd rather eat dog food than CheeseNips.

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                              Oh, yes! Someone else who likes the extra browned crackers. Do you also like the extra toasty saltines in a sleeve too?

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                              I tried the Flip Sides but I thought they were very salty

                            3. I love the Tabasco, especially when you get to the bottom of the bag. Lots of good spicy bits down there.

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                                Definitely the best is last! I'm that way with Doritos too.

                              2. to reiterate... WHITE CHEDDAR!!!

                                1. Like others, White Cheddar. The original is, of course, quite delicious. For some reason I always craved OJ back in the day when I used to eat Cheez-its. You could also try the twists. I had another brands and they were really good, so I imagine Cheez-Its would have a good version.

                                  1. I like the original.. tried the reduced fat once and they were nasty!

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                                      My favorite is white cheddar, although my husband prefers the original. We tried the reduced fat cheddar ones and didn't care for it at all. The texture was very different (drier and crunchier) and it lacked the savory rich taste of the full fat version.

                                    2. I've got a box of White Cheddar here at my feet. Trying hard not to open it back up. And I don't usually like crackers!

                                      1. DW is a Cheez-Its fiend. Original flavor only (others have MSG or analogs, which she avoids). A box is a single serving. If they were sold in barrels, the barrel would be a single serving.

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                                          >>>>the barrel would be a single serving<<<<
                                          lol! to go as a side with that mega-burger-strosity that you showed us!

                                        2. Original. And, yes, with me a box is a single serving!