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Mar 25, 2009 12:28 AM

best cheez-its flavor?

i'm craving some crunchy, cheesy snack -- and the cheez-its are on sale! tell me your favorites, please. http://www.cheez-it.com/cgi-bin/brand...

i'm afraid some of the flavors may be limited to certain regions, like the best doritos flavors never make it to d.c., but stay in the s.w. u.s.....

e.g., i just tried to find the "pepper jack" variety at a local store with the cheez-it search function...no luck..... ;-(.

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  1. IMHO, white cheddar or parmesean are the best.

      1. definitely the white cheddar or parmesan....the garlic parmesan ones are good too

        1. White cheddar flavor = crack.

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          1. Thank God I have discipline and self control at the store, because I have none at home. A box of cheez-it's would not last a day at the house. They are all good but I am partial to the original flavor. Also, isn't it amazing how lousy Cheez-Nips are.

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              i bought some cheez-nips one time because they were much cheaper thinking they were comparable .....BAD IDEA....lol...they are awful