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Mar 25, 2009 12:28 AM

best cheez-its flavor?

i'm craving some crunchy, cheesy snack -- and the cheez-its are on sale! tell me your favorites, please.

i'm afraid some of the flavors may be limited to certain regions, like the best doritos flavors never make it to d.c., but stay in the s.w. u.s.....

e.g., i just tried to find the "pepper jack" variety at a local store with the cheez-it search luck..... ;-(.

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  1. IMHO, white cheddar or parmesean are the best.

      1. definitely the white cheddar or parmesan....the garlic parmesan ones are good too

        1. White cheddar flavor = crack.

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          1. Thank God I have discipline and self control at the store, because I have none at home. A box of cheez-it's would not last a day at the house. They are all good but I am partial to the original flavor. Also, isn't it amazing how lousy Cheez-Nips are.

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              i bought some cheez-nips one time because they were much cheaper thinking they were comparable .....BAD are awful