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Mar 24, 2009 11:17 PM

Carpinteria, Ventura, & Ojai

Need breakfast, lunch, & dinner recs for the area. Traveling back and forth a couple of times
over the next few weeks.

We like:

All the better if it is affordable, down-home, made with love and delicious.

Your help is greatly appreciated, oh fellow food lovers :)

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  1. The breakfast at the Working Bee in Carpinteria was quite good. Nothing fancy but good omlette, biscuit and a good coffee. I don't know where you are staying but since you are looking into restaurants in Carpinteria I would also recommend to drive to Santa Barbara which is only 10 minutes away.

    1. For Ventura you'll need to post on the LA Board.

      1. Carpinteria: Gianfranco's for very creative Italian on Linden Avenue
        Ojai: Boccali's for their real shortbread strawberry shortcake in season right now, more trandtional casual Italian -but the ravioli al burro were first rate and plentiful.

        1. Was in Ojai and Carp two weeks ago.
          Ojai: dinner at Suzanne's Cuisine - outstanding and a good value.
          Ojai: breakfast at The Emporium - solid food and supported heavily by the locals.
          Carp: breakfast or lunch at Esau's Good basic food. I love the tuna melt with jalapenos.

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            Thank you everyone for your recs. I will do some reading and research and report back after eating. Open to any more suggestions :)

            1. re: Enorah

              But wait, there's more....
              Zookers in Carp: 5404 Carpenteria Ave. Nice dinner menu and is a good value
              Corktree Cellars on Linden Ave in Carp. Small plates and nice selection of wines. Good for a light lunch.

              If you get a chance check out the beautiful store Porch, right around the corner from Corktree. And Ojai has a very nice farmers market on Sunday morning.

          2. Below is the link to my review of tacos at Rincon Alteno. I was floored.