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Mar 24, 2009 10:54 PM

French Quarter Festival w Children

We have lots of family in NOLA and will be back home for FQF. Is this appropriate for children? Does anyone have any suggestions regarding fun activities for kids? We have memberships at City Park and Audubon Zoo, but would love the kids to experience the music etc of the festival? BTW the children are 6,7,8 and 14. Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. I think they would like the festival. You can wander between the stages if they get bored with something, there's good food, and check out some of the special events, the parade and second line would be especially fun for kids, I think. And with the Audubon Zoo membership, you can get into the aquarium, which would provide an airconditioned respite if you need a break and some nice bathrooms.

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      Thanks to you both for the suggestions.My family lives Uptown so we generally are not in the Quarter, but realized that the FEstival coincided with my Grandma's birthday. It sounds like a great time that I am sure they will enjoy!

    2. A few years back, we took our then 6 year old Son to the French Quarter Festival and we all had a great time. We kept to the Jackson Square and the Riverwalk area. The music, food and all around atmosphere during the Festival was awesome. We took a streetcar to Mindina's for dinner one night and he loved the ride and the meatballs. We also rode the ferry back and forth across the river, and he thought that was super. We also visited the Imax and the Aquarium and walked through the French Quarter Market for gifts. He couldn't eat enough beignets at Cafe Du Monde. We stayed in The Marigny so at night we were out of the Quarter area. Max, our Son, fell in love the New Orleans because of that trip and even though we've been back a few more times since that trip, he always asks when we are going back again. Take the kids and enjoy.

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        There will also be a childrens stage and activities area on the Saturday and Sunday. Check out their website:

      2. Your kids will love it. We have 3 of various ages and they all have a good time. The food area in Jackson Square has plenty of food for children and a music stage for entertainment. Also, the large stage at Woldenberg Park has food and space for kids to run around. My kids will eat anything so they really enjoy the food part of the Fest. Woldenberg Park is also right next to the Aquarium and the river. The Aquarium is good for getting out of the sun for a while and it will keep the kids' interest. My kids always enjoy watching the activity on the river. There is also a kid's stage somewhere, but I don't recall.

        1. The Children's Museum here is fantastic.

          1. I'm sure your whole family will have a great time. Be aware that it gets very, very crowded, especially in Jackson Square and along the narrower parts of the levee, and people could get separated. The lines for the food booths seem to be what cause the jams, and even though the waits aren't usually too bad, you might want to plan to have a light lunch somewhere other than the Festival if people get tired of standing in line. Mena's Palace might be a good choice. Also, this year the Historic New Orleans Collection (410 Chartres St.) is hosting the Festival's Classical Stage, so there's another option for music with bathrooms and air conditioning.