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Mar 24, 2009 09:42 PM

Brunch in Vancouver on a Sunday

Hi all -- another info request. Where's your favourite nice-ish brunch spot? We're a gang of ten women over thirty and under fifty, pretty eclectic tastes, a couple of vegheads and no-gluten types but otherwise no restrictions. Not till then end of April, so we have some time for this ticklish dilemma -- I always find brunch in Vancouver a bit challenging... TIA.

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  1. How about Cafe Medina? Their food is amazing and as long as your veg-heads and the no-gluten types don't overlap you should be ok with the menu. (If you have vegan friends -- there is no help for you). Medina has been using a naturally lit backroom that they share with Chambar. The room should accommodate a large group and with advance notice they will likely give you reservations.

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      Good call! I was there on a recent Sunday and we sat in that lovely backroom.

    2. I haven't been, but I've heard that Provence Marinaside is excellent.

      1. Medina is always great, especially if you can get the backroom as there's always a line up. Provance Marinaside, Nu, Diva are all pretty solid, "nice-ish" brunch spots off the top of my head.

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          Do they still have the really weird/uncomfortable chairs at Nu? My back hurt so much after dinner there a couple of years ago we have never gone back. It's a shame as the food was really, really good...but I digress

        2. Warning: I have not yet screened these suggestions for being veg- or glutenfree-friendly

          Cafe Medina (as many have mentioned) is my default.

          Crave on Main is pretty nice. Maybe it'll be nice enough weather for the open terrace.

          Brunch a la Galerie

          Mon Bella Bistoria

          DB Bistro has a good-looking brunch menu, but I haven't tried it yet. I'm salivating over the Lyonnaise duck confit poutine.

          Alternatively, forget brunch, and go for the $28 lunch special at MARKET.

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            FYI - Market is not open for lunch on the weekend (although I sure wish they were!).

          2. for a more reasonably priced brunch, Milestones *gasp I know a CHAIN!!* has at least a half dozen veg/vegan items between it's brunch and regular lunch menu