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Mar 24, 2009 08:58 PM

Good barbecue in Napa for catering a lunch

I'm looking for a good barbecue joint in napa valley (anywhere between Napa and Calistoga is fine). We're hosting a lunch for 20 and I don't want to be standing at the grill all day. We love BarbersQ, but assume that will be pricey for catering a lunch. Appreciate any thoughts.

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  1. How's the food at Foothill Grille these days? Maybe they'd do a lunch.

    1. Foothill is closed! BarbersQ hands down is your best bet. Have had them cater several times very good and professional. There are others in Napa such as Red Rock but no comparison to anyone who knows decent Q. There used to be a catering co. in Napa specializing in Q but they unfortunately left about 6 months ago.

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        Foothill Cafe reopened as Foothill Grille. However, calling the phone number on the website, the outgoing message says that as of March 1 the restaurant is closed for vacation and remodeling.

        Teejay, you might also check with bbq places in Vallejo for catering.

        Foothill Grille
        2766 Old Sonoma Rd, Napa, CA

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          Second BarbersQ. We used them for a group of 18 and was fantastic.

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            How exactly does upscale Q translate to decent Q? What exactly is it you don't like about Red Rock? The concern was about price at BebersQ.

          2. YEAH! I'm in the event business and always looking for a great experience at at great price. I found Black Bean BBQ - the owner had a business in Santa Rosa then took his BBQ'n on the road. He brings his truck, food, bbqer, all the goodies and even cleans up! He travels all over Sonoma and Napa county.
            Black Bean BBQ
            (707) 321-3828

            Lori N.

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              Good suggestion! Many chowhounds were very sad when it closed. Here's an old post on Stimm's aka Black Bean,

            2. For a group of 20, what about getting food from Bounty Hunter? They sell their pulled pork and brisket by the pound.

              1. Thanks for the GREAT responses everyone. We are definitely fans of BarbersQ, just a little worried it will be pricey for a group. Happy to have the other recommendations (BlackbeanBBQ and Bounty Hunter look good as well) for our event or future options.

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                  Buster's in Calistoga. Best tri-tip around.

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                    Love Busters! His BBQ is excellent - he's got the works. See he menu on his website. He does personalized events. Click on the events tab for info.