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Fresh TJ ideas~

So apparently all the Trader Joe's threads are up into the 300s, no surprise. I figured I'd start something new (where we will continue the same conversations I'm sure!)

My inspiration is a delicious dinner I made tonight- TJ's frozen salmon fillets marinated in TJ's Yellow Thai Curry sauce and a little bit of EVOO + lemon juice. Broiled. It was the best from-frozen salmon I've made I think. The flavors were so good!

Anyone else doing any other fun things with TJ products? What are your favorite meals built from various items? I'm really interested in all their sauces and marinades and other stuff that you actually have to cook with but feel free to discuss your fav quickie snacks and whatnot...

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  1. since you're interested specifically in sauces & marinades, i'll throw in a rec for my favorite condiment/ingredient...i *love* the pomegranate glaze - as a component of a marinade or salad dressing, as a glaze for poultry, pork or fish...and even sweetened with a bit of agave for a dessert sauce.

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      EXACTLY what I was looking for! I'll pick some up on my next trip. Thanks

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        If they are still carrying the Tarocco oranges (a mellower blood orange than the more common Moro variety), these are a natural and stunning partner for the pomegranate glaze. I sweetened a scoop of ricotta with honey, arranged overlapping thin, crosswise slices of Tarocco around it, and drizzled the glaze over the orange. It can be a dessert or a brunch offering.

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          forget dessert or brunch, i'd eat it for breakfast! in fact, i do occasionally drizzle some of the pom glaze into my ricotta, cottage cheese or oatmeal :)

          thanks for the suggestion, it does sound delicious...oranges are actually my least favorite citrus fruit, *except* for blood oranges. i'll look for the Taroccos the next time i'm at TJ's.

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            Hey, I went to Trader Joe's tonight and they told me the pomegranate glaze was DISCONTINUED!

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              ok, so here's the weird thing. i used to buy it at TJ's when i lived in Southern Cali. it suddenly disappeared near the end of 2007, and they told me it had been discontinued. many of us lamented the loss in various threads here on CH.

              fast forward to last month, when i spotted it on the shelf at my local TJ's here in Jersey. i was so excited about it that i came home and posted here on CH...


              the strange thing is that when i told the manager that day how excited i was that they had brought it back, he told me he thought it was a new product! i have no idea if he started working for the company after they yanked it the first time around, or if it just wasn't sold in this region back then.

              anyway, i saw plenty of stock on the shelf at my store when i was there yesterday. ask someone at your store to look into it, as they may not even know that it's available again. i just hope it doesn't turn out that they've discontinued it AGAIN, which would unfortunately be so typical of TJ's!

      2. The latest fearless flyer that turned into a booklet with an octopus on it suggests using the new green beans snack as a garnish for salads. Haven't tried the green bean snack yet, has anyone else? I'm still getting used to TJ's so the most adventurous thing I've done is add extra walnuts to my gorgonzola and walnut salad. The cheese was really skimpy this time, I wish I had had some extra lying around to pimp up my salad. Oh well, thanks for starting this thread, can't wait to hear what others have to say.

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          i've never had those green beans from TJ's, but they were just mentioned in a recent thread about snack foods, and CHers seem to have varying opinions about them. scroll about 90% of the way down...


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            yeah actually most people seemed to dislike them but I am addicted. They're salty and good. It's a slightly healthier alternative to chip for people like me who fall victim to mindless snacking. Or, for salads, an alt to fried onion pieces or whatever else you'd add to give it crunch.

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              Thanks goodhealthgourmet. I trust my fellow hounds. Not putting any TJs snacking green beans in my canvas TJ bag anytime soon! Looks like I dodged a bullet.

          2. I love the enchilada sauce. It used to be called just "red sauce" but it's a staple in my fridge. I top burritos with it (both homemade and TJ frozen), add to taco meat, enchiladas, etc.

            1. Hmm ball isn't rolling along yet i guess. Oh well. I just had some Kashi waffles with TJ's wild maine blueberry sauce- that stuff is freaking delicious

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                Your subject might get more traction on the Home Cooking board.

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                    Sweetie, Your addicded everything, tell me what you don't like? Pardon my lousy spelling.

              2. I like the lemon pepper papardelle. Don't think it's new, but I just started buying it.

                1. More inspiration for questions from dinner tonight- TJ's soups. We tried the Latin Black Bean soup - it is pretty good- thinking it would be great to dress it up a little with some whole beans and fresh ingredients. Anyone else do anything with the soups?

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                    i don't use them myself, but i know the Roasted Red Pepper, Creamy Tomato, Butternut Squash, and Instant Miso varieties have a lot of fans...and i think those are all great flavor bases on which to build.

                    BTW, did you read my latest response/comment about the pom glaze? i really think the person you asked at your store was misinformed.

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                      yeah- I am going to be sure to ask the management the next time i'm there. appreciate the help.

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                        sure thing, i just hope you can get some. i'd hate to think i got you excited about something you can't have! oh, and if you do track it down, i meant to tell you that it's also great to add a splash to some club soda or seltzer for a refreshing drink.

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                          and if you do manage to find some, buy it up! the pom glaze has not been available in so cal for about a year, and i am down to my last two bottles...miserly portioning it out, as i loved it. it will keep practically forever, so stock up (and send me some?)

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                            chez cherie, as i said in one of my replies up-thread, it just appeared on the shelves here in Jersey last month, and i have a feeling they've resurrected it from the discontinued products graveyard. ask your local store if they can get it for you now.

                            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                              I've been reading your threads about the glaze and it sounded so delicious I asked about it at my local TJ. Sadly they knew nothing about it coming back only that it was an old discontinued product :( I'm in Northern California and they did say sometimes east coast gets different products but they will look into if they can get some. I'll have to keep harassing them because it sounded like even though regional stores carry different items at times they all have access to the same products.

                              1. re: elliora

                                bummer! thanks for reporting back. i'll ask my store what the deal is the next time i go. unfortunately i *just* got back from there!

                                if you guys can't find/get it, it's really similar to the pomegranate molasses they carry in a lot of ethnic food stores, so you can always try that instead.

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                            lol sounds splendid, the build-up and anticipation are overwhelming me...

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                          I like the Creamy Tomato.. It's good to have on hand for a last minute meal.

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                            I like the roasted red pepper; I most often just sip it from a mug, but thinned with some broth, it makes a nicely flavored base for a vegetable or minestone-esque veg and bean soup.

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                              I bought the roasted red pepper a few times, but I have to hide the container from my husband. He claims to hate roasted red peppers.. but loves this soup.