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Mar 24, 2009 06:32 PM

Pizzarella (Carrollton [DFW])

Not a fancy place by any means. But this is as close to a neighborhood pizza place in the South Carrollton area. The food is always good and made with quality ingredients.

I've been visiting for about a year and half and it seems within the last couple of months the food has gotten better recently.

My favorite is the tried and true pepperoni pizza. I like their pizza because the crust is thin but not crunchy, NY style, and flavorful. The cheese and sauce seem to be in good ratios and like the pepperoni, of high quality. I've also order the Italian Sub and Lamb Gyro which were very good. I didn't like the Wedgie, I think. I can't remember the difference between the Wedgie and Calzone. Whichever I ordered seemed to be to much bread and sauce. But personal preference.

I was wondering if there were other Chowheads who like this place as much as I do. I'd like to hear some comments.

2155 Marsh Lane #150, Carrollton, TX

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  1. If you have to go to Pizzarella, stick with pizza. The cheese is fantastic. They must buy a better quality than most. However after going there several times and being recognized by the friendly owner and most wait staff, I had an incredible run in with his #2 guy, older, bushy dark hair, as I simply waited for a to go order and wanted to add an appetizer to the order. He accused me of not paying yet for what I had already ordered. The guy wouldn't acknowledge the receipt I was showing him as evidence and he was making me out to be a criminal and raised his voice so people at counter could hear. I just walked out never to return and I slam the place every chance I get as life is too short.

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      I used to drive from Coppell when this place was Cafe Pizza Sarajevo but when they changed to Pizzarella, I thought the quality suffered immensely. When I called them to voice my displeasure with the changes, including smaller pizzas and what I thought were cheaper ingredients, they expressed no concern and I never went back.

      However, Eugene2, your story reminds me of a similar run-in I had with Parma in Lewisville. They accused me of lying that a Pizza they delivered to me was not what I ordered. I drove up there, gave them the pizza (they wouldnt open it in front of me) got my money back and never went back again.