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Mar 24, 2009 06:02 PM

London thai / vietnamese - help me decide!

I will be in London for a week and want to get some great thai and vietnamese food. Here's what's on my list - but I won't be able to hit them all:

Tong Kanom
101 Thai
Viet Grill
Green Papaya

If I can go to only two or maybe three of these, which do you suggest? Also consider that I will be with a vegetarian....


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  1. Personally I think London's Vietnamese restaurants are stronger than the Thai restaurants. So I would head to Viet Grill for sure - it is good food and very reasonably priced. That said, I have not actually been to the Thai restaurants that you have listed - although 101 Thai gets a lot of good press on Chowhound. A friend recently told me that she had brilliant Thai at Sukho Thai at 855 Fulham Road, Parson’s Green SW6 5HJ so that may be worth a try.

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      I looked at some online reviews of Sukho Thai and it sounds great - thanks for the tip!

    2. Vietnamese: Song Que, Viet Grill
      Thai: MudMee on Artillery Lane not too far Liverpool Street Station (best Thai I've had in London)