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desserts with rose water?

I am looking for a pound cake recipe that uses rose water, also any other cake or cookie recipes that use rose water.
Thank you in advance!

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    1. re: mcsheridan

      Dear MCSheridan
      Thank you, what a resource you are. I am trying the poundcake this weekend. I love old, old recipes.

    2. Does it have to be cake or can it be any dessert? I have a great dessert that uses rose water but it doesn't involve cake or cookies.

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        Thank you cups123, I would love to try it whatever type of dessert it is.

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          Try making persian ice cream (you can use already made vanilla ice cream).


          http://www.chow.com/recipes/11073 ( I have never heard of sahlab and mastic - 2 ingredients in this recipe! And i'm sure it would be fine without it)

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            This dessert of the month club site looks wonderful. Many great ideas there. (Banana caramel cake!) I looked for the persian ice cream there but didn't find it. Do you know where on the site it is?

            A family member made something that I think might be like it starting with a good vanilla ice cream and adding rose water, pistachios, saffron and I think maybe a little cardomon. Would love to compare that with the other recipe.

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              Its right at the top of the link.

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                Don't know how I missed that. This looks just like what I was thinking of. Good to have some proportions for giving it a try myself.


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              Sahlab you can get at most Middle Easter markets. It usually comes in a box and people generally make it into a hot drink. It's ground up dried orchid tuber. Actually very delicious as the drink!

              And mastic...is resin from a tree. I haven't seen it anywhere until I was @ http://kalustyans.com/ But I'm sure it's sold elsewhere. I'm not sure you can substitute mastic with anything else...maybe someone else here would know. But my guess would be no.

        2. It's not a pound cake but I love Claudia Roden's pistachio cake

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          1. Home made marzipan comes to mind.

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              Thank you Tim, didn't know marzipan had rose water.

            2. LA has a large Persian population. One will typically find ice creams infused with rose water, saffron, pistachios, and the list goes on. Cookies and candies are typically infused with rose water as well. I've only enjoyed these - never made them. But I have also enjoyed fresh strawberries with a mix of sugar, a small grind of black pepper, a little lemon zest as well as a squeeze of the juice, Spanish sherry vinegar, and rose water as a nice high note.

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                Ahh yes. This is the kind of ice cream I've had from a family member with a persian restaurant.

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                  Here's a local icon of sorts in this category .


                  One can find little Persian markets and ice cream shops in LA where a "little old man has been making Persian treats all his life" kind of situation, but Mashti Malone is readily accessible around town.

              2. Personally I like my berry recipes with a touch of floral essences (be rose water, extract or dried flowers). Just a touch of it brings out the flavours of the berries especially if you make ice cream. I drink rose bud tea quite often, what you can do is brew up some black/red tea, add a bit of rose water and have it either hot or cold and sweet or not.

                1. I make meringues and add rose water to them before baking. I serve with berries and whipped cream to which I've added a touch of the rose water.

                  1. How about a Persian Love Cake? No rose water in the batter, but it's used in the icing.


                    1. rice and rose water pudding is a very simple and rich dessert.

                      1. Also, there are many Baklava recipes that use rose water in the filling and the syrup. These are kind of heavy / rich, but I love it.

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                        1. I have a question about another dessert with rose...I attempted making a meyer lemon and rose tea creme brulee and ended up with eggy/watery brulee. I started with 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, 3 T sugar and 4 large egg yolks. I must have added about 1.5 ounces of tea mixed with the juice and 1/2 T zest of one small meyer lemon. Any ideas on how to fix this? I'm guessing I need to cut back on the yolk at least...?

                          1. Once can add rose water to cannoli fillings or panna cotta.

                            1. This is great, I am intrigued enough by rosewater that I purchased it to make a turkish candy.
                              Here's a photo (not mine)
                              I don't have my recipe handy, I can look for it if you're interested.

                              1. I often roast halved or quartered plums with cardomom pods, rosewater, sugar and a pinch of salt until tender. This is my standard morning yogurt topping, but I also serve it with cakes.