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Mar 24, 2009 04:39 PM

Bacco's Martini Lunch

Does Bacco's still have 10 cent martinis at lunch? Are there any other places in the Quarter that have "discounted" drink specials? Thanks, we're on a budget!

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  1. Someone had said that they have a 5 cent special. Bayona has had 25 cent martinis at lunch but have not been to lunch there in a while.

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    1. re: ScarlettNola

      mmmmm, Bayona. I like it. Will check it out and see if she has the lunch deal on martinis. Thanks!!

    2. Bacco's food is unimpressive. Take the streetcar uptown, get off at Washington Ave. Walk a couple of blocks (toward the river) to Commander's for lunch. 25 cent martinis, prix fixe, good food, great time. Reserve the garden room.

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      1. re: JazzyB

        I have to respectfully disagree. Although I am not a fan of most of their food, I love, love, love the barbecue shrimp. And, you can sling back a 5 cent martini, or two, or three and lose the afternoon!

        1. re: mortalcoil

          Commander's, although wonderful, isn't really what we are looking for this time. Bacco's Shrimp sounds right up my alley. Are the martinis 5 cents every day at lunch?

          1. re: moaner

            yep, w/ an entree purchase.

            +1 on the BBQ shrimp. theirs & Mr. B's are my best-in-towns...

            some may say Bacco's is just your standard nola dining fair, but i feel they do it well enough. love the lemon icebox pie.

      2. EAT! on the corner of Dauphine and Dumaine is BYOB with no it's a great deal.

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        1. re: nikinik

          Do they allow you to bring in vodka, whiskey, etc. and mixers?

          1. re: danieli10

            It is generally bad form to bring in mixers to a BYOB place! They're allowing you to BYOB: buy your soda or juice, etc from the restaurant.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              i guess i dont really see the point of this. buying mixers from a restaurant, lugging my own bottle(s), etc...personally id rather make a cocktail at home, or go out and enjoy a spot. but mixing the two seems contrived.

              1. re: kibbles

                However, we are not wine drinkers and beer doesn't always do it. There is a slight problem for those of us who love great food, yet some restaurants don't have liquor etc. I'll take the advice to bring the bottle and trust that they will have mixers. It is indeed unusual to see a byob that allows liquor, so I was trying to clarify....

        2. Cuvee is now doing 20 cent martinis...