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Mar 24, 2009 03:55 PM

dessert in Arcadia or nearby?

Any recs or a nice place to go for dessert post-dumplings? Ice cream, pastry,etc. would be great.

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  1. i like genki living...their crepes are good.

    1. concur with GENKI LIVING. another idea is PHOENIX FOOD BOUTIQUE next door to DTF is great too. we like the forbidden black rice with young coconut, warm almond soup, the fried mochi with peanuts and the shaved ice. the YOGURTLAND on the other side of DTF is pretty hard to stomach. lastly, there is a BEARD PAPA's with very little sitting room on baldwin north of DTF.

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      1. re: revets2

        I second Phoenix Food Boutique. Absolutely love their mango soy custard.

        Other than that ... Fosselman's for ice cream? :P

        Or for a fancy place head up to Pasadena and go to POP Dessert & Champagne bar? (tho I haven't been, but like the idea).


        1. re: burumun

          Third Phoenix Food Boutique. The fresh fruit shaved ice is terrific and if you don't need decaf, try their yuanyang/junjong -- iced sweetened coffee and tea together which is a lot better than it sounds.

      2. Across the parking lot from from DTF is JJ

        JJ Baker
        1130 S Baldwin Ave
        Arcadia, CA 91007
        (626) 574-5866

        1. Tasty Garden. Get the HK style waffle pancakes.

          1. There are some good recommendations here! They have covered most of the places I thought of-Genki Living and Phoenix were what came into my mind first. Sinbala also has a great shaved ice. If you eating at Din Tai Fung-all of these are within walking distance. Another thing I would add to the list is brick toast at AU 79 or Ten Ren, I recommend the butter cream one!