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Mar 24, 2009 03:53 PM

Meringue Apple Pie recipe--Eric Ripert?

Hope someone can help with this! I think it was Eric Ripert's show on PBS--all I can remember is that the chef was French and had his own restaurant (definitely not Pepin). He made his family's favorite, an apple meringue pie. I've been searching for the recipe and can't find it. It wasn't a traditional meringue on top like a lemon pie. Does anyone have the recipe or a link to it?

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  1. It was Hubert Keller's recipe. I've tried to searching for the recipe but nothing is coming up.

    1. The recipe for Apple Meringue Pie is available here:

      Click on Secrets of a Chef, then click Recipes, then go to the Mad About Apples episode. You can download the recipe as a PDF. I want to make it too.