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Mar 24, 2009 03:48 PM

johannesburg - modern vibrant restaurant

arriving in joburg for 2 nights, thurs and friday night, looking for a happening place with great food, not too formal, no budget on honeymoon and want to see what a good night out in joburg is like, preferably near bars, staying around sandton, thanks, ps does one need to book far ahead

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  1. We had a great meal and fun time at Moyo in Melrose Arch, not too far from Sandton....

    1. I think Melville is the place - live music, good music - start at Lucky Bean and then wander on to Sophiatown. vibrant neighborhood around 7th st and 4th ave.

      1. I would second the Moyo Melrose Arch recommendation since you are in the Sandton region .
        Check out the website:-
        Advisable to book, also look at the What's On tab

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 I'm a few years too late...but I hope someone finds this useful...