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Mar 24, 2009 03:38 PM


Has anyone tried the new place that replaced LA TERZA? I found a spattering of reviews elsewhere but always interested in what chowhounders think.
Thank you!

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  1. I tried it last night. It was fantastic. There were 6 of us and we ordered family style so I got to try many dishes, not a bad one in the bunch. My favorites were the Eggplant Parmigiana and the Butternut Squash Ravioli. The prices are very reasonable and the service was excellent.

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      Ditto - I LOVED it!!! Fiance & I split a ceasar salad, pasta (I can't remember what it had in it - but maybe some sort of pork) and entreee special. The entree special was veal and while it was super yummy the portion was really small. I think we had a dessert also -- yes, it was some sort of tart with pinenuts (maybe "Grandma's Tart - it was awesome!) The prices were great and the atmosphere was friendly and comfortable. Would definitely go back & highly recommend.

    2. It's still a Gino angelini resto though, no? I went a few weeks back, intending to go to la terza. Was a bit shocked but stayed and thoroughly enjoyed my lunch. The bread is still the same as are few menu items like the grilled shrimp salad(which I love). The pastas were as good as ever too.

      1. I've been twice so far. The food is as good as Angelini Osteria IMO, but at a lower price point. I think they can do that by offering more rustic fare and making dishes less operationally complex (i.e. instead of ingredients like duck, they use a lot of pork; there isn't any fried spinach on the lasagna, etc.). The wine list is focused (only a few bottles of reds and whites), but once again, very inexpensive (around $30/bottle). My only gripe is that the service isn't quite there yet. It's still very new, so I'm sure they'll turn it around, but in the meantime I've had to spend quite a bit of time chasing waiters down for things like water and fresh parmesan.

        1. Sorry to disagree with (most of) the above.
          Service is, in fact, a disaster.
          But that's a minor point.
          Let's face it, in order to make ossobuco agnolotti you first better get ossobuco on the menu. In fact, you ONLY make ossobuco agnolotti when you have left over ossobuco from the day before. At least that's what La Terza used to do. That's when the filling is at its best in flavor & texture. In Minestraio, what you get is pasta with a tastless filler of boiled meat.
          Oh my darling La Terza, you are gone and lost forever, oh my darling!

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            I loved La Terza's agnolotti! Sad to hear it's not the same. Agree that service was not great when I went but the pastas I had the one time I went were tasty.

            1. re: baloney

              Was there for lunch today. That agnolotti was amazing. Maybe it's improved, but "tasteless filler" it ain't. Maybe ossobuco isn't on the menu b/c so few people order it? Anyway, I'll confirm that this place has seriously fresh pasta, and good prices (a rarity in that strip of Bevery/W. 3rd, a lot of scene-y places brimming with mediocrity). We were there early (noon), and the place was empty, but our service was very attentive, although I noticed the folks at another table had to keep asking for water, bread, etc., so maybe it depends who's assigned to your table?

              I have to disagree w/ the grill-toasted bread (ours was charred not in a good way). As for the music/room, it was really comfortable, "grown-up", and not too loud at all. Never got to La Terza (too intimidated by the scene, prices), so can't compare, but I'm coming back to this place. Hope it lasts.

          2. I went last night. I would go back. Prices reasonable. Food matches price. Not mind-blowing but for the price it's alright. Cozy atmosphere and it seems they are working on fixing the poor service. Gino was greeting people at tables. Nice people. I had the lentil soup and whole wheat spaghetti because I'm healthy like that. The spaghetti had very sweet fresh tomatoes. Not canned. Both my date and I were stuffed by the end of the meal. They toast their bread on the grill. That was good too.

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              Sounds wonderful! How would rate the WW Spaghetti... Good or standard to the stuff we can do at home. I LOVE the Spelt Spaghetti at Akasha and wish more restaurants would offer more pasta variations, then I might not consider it a 'special treat'


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                on the subject of WW spaghetti, i had a good version at il forno (NOT il fornaio) the place on ocean park in santa monica (same shopping center as the counter)