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Mar 24, 2009 03:31 PM

Meyer Lemon Tart

I seem to have a whole bunch of Meyer lemons, or maybe just sweet lemons. I'm talking 15? i would like to make a tart with them sliced on top, possibly on top of a custard and then on top of the crust. does anyone have a recipe like this? all the recipes i've found on the web seem involve curds, but i thought this might look better. i guess i could make a curd tart with the lemons on top...hmmm. any ideas are much appreciated!

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  1. I adore Meyer lemon curd, so that’s how I make my tarts. I decorate them with candied lemon rind.

    But I don’t see why, instead of candying just the rind, you couldn’t candy whole thin slices.

    1. I make Meyer Lemon Curd and fill the tarts or tartlets, then decorate with slices.

      Another good thing to do is make 8 Minute Meyer Marmalade. Chop up a couple whole lemons - skin and all. Toss in a blender/food processor and whirrrr until it's diced fine like marmalade. Measure as you transfer to a large glass bowl with a lid. Add the same measure of sugar. Stir to combine. Microwave on HI, covered for 4 minutes. Stir. Repeat. Transfer to storage containers and allow to cool before lidding and refrigerating. Yuuuummm on English muffins, or spoon onto fish fillets; or heat some up and spoon on top of vanilla icecream!

      1. Before you do an ything with them, you should try to figure out what they are. Meyer lemons are thought to be a cross of lemon with some sort of orange.tangerine, and as such are less tart than the "normal" lemon. But if you search this board for "sweet lemons" you will find entries describing the flavor as too mild, or musky, or an acquired taste. It sounds like these would not be a good choice in a tart or curd.

        1. Meyer Lemons, while less tart than "normal" (Eureka) lemons are still on the tart side to eat plain, so if you're going to have them on top of the tart, you'll need to candy them. The curd is lovely (though again, I prefer Eureka lemon curd because I like the tartness). You could also try a variation on a Shaker Lemon Pie -- the only recipes I've seen are double crust but you could try a single crust pie.

          1. I make one that is on top of a cream cheese base that I like. It's the recipe in this thread:


            I've used meyer lemons and it's excellent. I use Alton Brown's lemon curd recipe. Also the Best Recipe has a lemon bar recipe that works well with meyer lemons.