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Mar 24, 2009 03:20 PM

The Best restaurant scene in a Movie set in New Orleans

This one was in the movie Hard Times starring Charles Bronson and James Coburn made in 1975. The scene was at Casamentos and James Coburn is eating raw oysters and Charles Bronson helps himself irritating Coburn momentarily. Anybody else have any to think of?

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  1. Mai, I recall Dennis Quaid having some file gumbo at Tipitina's in the Big Easy, cher.

      This link discussed "Runaway Jury" which first came to my mind.

      1. Wasn't a restaurant, but near the end of Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke, the local rich man was stirring up a big pot of gumbo, throwing a crab in for effect. What happens to the guy and the gumbo is a spoiler.

        and yeah, the gumbo Quaid at in The Big Easy looked good. Man, I love those two movies.

        1. There were some restaurant scenes in "Undercove Blues" (another movie starring Dennis Quaid, plus Kathleen Turner). I think one of the scenes was in the Napoleon House courtyard, but I dont remember for certain. I'll have to re-watch it this weekend.

          1. + 1 for Runaway Jury, but they forgot about the chase scene through the Court of Two Sisters courtyard.

            Don't forget about JFK, which had scenes in both the Napoleon House (where Jim Garrison watches the TV footage of the JFK assassination) and Antoine's (where the Orleans DAs have dinner and discuss their research).