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Mar 24, 2009 03:13 PM

Papayas on the cheap

Where can I buy decent, cheap papayas -- i.e., less than $2/lb. -- and preferably in Manhattan (though I don't mind going way uptown)? I've done lots of online research but the first hundreds upon hundreds of Google hits invariably turn up one or another of the hot-dog chains (Gray's ~, ~ King, ~ Dog, etc.) -- useless to me, unless of course if I can access *their* papaya source....

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  1. Chinatown. Check out the produce stands on Mott St.

    1. They sell them cheap on 116th street the Mexican markets around Lex. and 3rd.....also on the street around 137th and Broadway...

      1. Report so far for any other papaya-cravers. Haven't made it uptown yet but the Chinatown varieties are small and so don't work out to be so cheap.... I managed to find Mexican papayas on sale almost every other week at Western Beef for $0.99/lb. but they didn't ripen properly -- lacked that requisite honey sweetness. The best I've happened upon so far was from a street produce guy on the UES for $1.50/lb., the uniform rate among street produce guys, except some midtown who sell it for $1.25/lb.

        Will report back when I've tried my luck uptown.