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Mar 24, 2009 03:08 PM

Does Peter Reinhart's Bakery still exist?

I've looked everywhere online for Peter Reinhart's bakery, Brother Juniper's, to no avail. It seems it was first in Forestville, then in Santa Rosa on Sebastopol Ave. I know he moved to the East Coast, but I didn't know if his bakery moved with him. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. He sold the bakery many years ago. The new owners continued baking bread & I remember seeing it at Pacific Market in Santa Rosa up until, oh a few years ago. I think the Sebastopol Avenue location is now the raw food restaurant named Seed?

    Here's an excerpt from the local paper & his current website:

    DIANE PETERSON. The Press Democrat. Santa Rosa, Calif.: Apr 2, 2008. pg. D.1

    In his mid-20s, he baked whole wheat breads for a restaurant collective in Boston, then joined a Christian service community and worked at various missionary jobs, baking cookies to soothe the spirits of troubled teens.
    By the end of the 1970s, he found himself baking bread in a seminary kitchen in San Francisco, where he schooled himself in the sweet, creamy French breads and the city's signature sourdough.
    Soon thereafter, Reinhart transferred to the order's retreat center in Forestville, where he was put in charge of developing a food-related business to support the community.
    After tinkering with cheese, natural herb tonics and a barbecue sauce dubbed Holy Smoke, he and his wife, Susan, opened a small restaurant called Brother Juniper's Cafe (in Forestville in 1981), for which Reinhart baked the breads. Within a few years, the cafe had spawned a full-scale bakery in Santa Rosa and a line of six breads, sold to supermarkets throughout the Bay Area.
    The early '80s were a pivotal moment for bread in the Bay Area, with bakeries like Acme Bread, Grace Baking and Semifreddi's in the East Bay pumping out the traditional hearth breads of Europe. Meanwhile, Tassajara in San Francisco, Alvarado Street Bakery in Santa Rosa and Alfaro's in Santa Cruz discovered their own methods of baking flavored, neotraditional breads, similar to the Brother Juniper breads.
    After seven years of building up the bakery, Reinhart and his wife sold the booming business and he became a baking instructor at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.
    In 1999, he moved back East to teach at Johnson & Wales in Providence, R.I., the largest cooking school in the country. Four years ago, the couple moved to Charlotte, N.C., to open a new school for Johnson & Wales.
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      P.S. The current local phone book doesn't have a listing for Brother Juniper's in either the bakery retail or bakery wholesale sections.

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        Do you recall who purchased the Brother Juniper bakery in the 80's? We were living in Forestville at the time, buy my memory fails me.

      2. I just purchased a loaf of Brother Juniper's Roasted Three Seed Bread at Whole Foods in San Ramon. I had been requesting them to carry it for some time, and it came in today. They also have Wild Rice & Onion, both on the shelf today (Tuesday, August 31). The bakery is located in Sunnyvale, according to the label on the bread. I can be special ordered from most any Whole Foods store in the northern California region; the more people who ask for it and buy it, the more likely it will stay on the shelves for us all to enjoy.

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          Whole Foods in San Ramon no longer carries Brother Juniper's Bread. However, I purchase it regularly at the Berkeley Bowl. So, anyone who's looking for it and not finding it, this is where I buy it now.

          Berkeley Bowl
          2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703