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Mar 24, 2009 03:06 PM

Passion Fruit: I'm obsessed

It looks like 2009 will be the year of passion fruit around my place. It started just before my birthday (in January), when I surprised everyone, including myself, by requesting that my cake have a passion fruit filling. I wasn't sure why, I just knew that I had to have it. Since then, I can't get enough of it. I discovered that l'Arte del Gelato has a fantastic passion fruit sorbetto- in fact, it's so good, that I repeatedly forego their rich, creamy gelato for the tangy icy tart stuff.
I've also taken to buying bags of fresh ones, splitting them in half, and scooping the glistening sweet/sour flesh with abandon.
So, my question is, where else can I find anything and everything passion fruit-related, flavored or filled? I'll appreciate any suggestion at all- whether a restaurant dish or grocery item.

Thank you NY-area hounds!

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  1. Are we talking about lilikoi, as it's called in Hawaii? Love it!

    1. I started a broader thread on sour desserts on the Manhattan board:

      Maybe between these threads, we can get some action.

      1. Passion fruit lokum is fragrant and fun to chew if you can find it [Hint: search Brooklyn]. HD has ice cream in this flavor you might enjoy, and try your hand at some Colombian-style batidos too if you find the juice. Asian markets have passion fruit canned if that interests you.

        HD -->

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        1. re: Cheese Boy

          Awesome! I haven't seen the HD product, but apparently, it's new.

          1. re: Pan

            Pan- thank you so much for linking me on the other board. I think it did the trick :)

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            Thanks so much for the tips, cheese boy. A passion fruit batido sounds especially delicious. I just may have to get my hands on some puree... I wonder if there's such a thing as passion fruit pie? :)

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              I tried the HD passion fruit ice cream. I did like the flavor, but was underwhelmed, overall. First, the passion fruit flavor is just not intense enough. It's faint and sweet, not at all tangy or zesty. Then there's the texture issue. Apparently, this new "Five" category of theirs consists of simple flavors with only five ingredients- but the important aspect to remember is that they have 30% less fat than reg. HD flavors due to the fact that skim milk is the first ingredient. I would characterize the texture as closer to a passion fruit mousse than a true, dense HD-style ice cream.

            2. Love Lilikoi Chiffon Pie which is passion fruit in Hawaiian and its in everything in the islands and that is a beautiful thing..lilikoi truffles too!



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                Wow- I replied to cheese boy upthread before reading about your post! Thanks!

              2. vvvindaloo, where are you finding fresh passion fruit these days? I'm constantly bemoaning the fact that that passion fruit seems so underrepresented here in the US, and would love to find some to make passion fruit sorbet at home. I've come across them from time to time at the uptown Fairway, but can't recall seeing them anywhere else. Thanks in advance!

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                  I most recently bought it (the small purple variety) at Manhattan Fruit Exchange in Chelsea Market. That was this past Monday.

                  1. re: vvvindaloo

                    I was there two or three weeks ago and didn't see any, but I wasn't specifically looking for them, so it's entirely possible they didn't catch my eye. I'll have to check there tomorrow. Thanks!

                    1. re: slcorlis

                      There were about half a dozen or so left at Manhattan Fruit Exchange today, but I balked at their price considering I'd need who knows how many to get a cup or so of puree. Interestingly enough, I noticed that Buon Italia carries a frozen passion fruit puree, so I bought that to try in the gelato instead.

                      I also enjoyed a cup of passion fruit gelato from l'Arte del Gelato. It hit the spot, but I do wish that they left in a few seeds. I may be in the minority, but I really like the contrast of the crunchy seeds with the creamy gelato!