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Mar 24, 2009 02:59 PM

I'm looking for a fishmonger in or near Greenbelt.

I am specifically looking for wild Chilean sea bass. I want to stay close to home, but I'll travel if I can get what I want.

We live in Greenbelt (193). Any thoughts?


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  1. As there are no farm raised Chilean sea bass, you don't have to worry. Check Camerons in Silver Spring? or any Whoe Foods and other supermarkets - call. I find frozen (they are all from frozen) Chilean sea bass "steaks" in the Chinese markets for about $9.99 a pound and find it easy to defrost with a microwave and grill with salt and pepper. They are good and cost half as much as the western markets,

    1. I find the best fish selection at the H Mart on Georgia Avenue--they just remodeled and expanded it!

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        Sorry to say, the new H Mart seafood dept looks better, but the stuff is pretty much the same. It's like taking McDonalds (decent food don't get me wrong), souping it up to look like a million dollar fancy club, but still serve the same Coke, bergers and fries. Unfortunately they carry lower end fish, nothing like wild salmon or even basic stuff like good clams can be found there. Yes, they have unfrozen seabass, but you can find that in the worst Asian stores...still frozen. Call it creative out-sourcing, I don't even know where to get scallops as bad as ones they have. In these days of unsafe foods coming from across the ocean, you really don't know what you are getting there at the H-Mart seafood counter. Yes, it's very close to where I live, but stuff like their clams have such a chemical flavor, and scallops tasting so much like it's processed, that I take the hike down to Whole Foods, or even Eastern market. Generally, I only buy live lobsters there. When you buy seafood, you made a commitment to spend more for healthier food (and good taste), why defeat the purpose?

      2. Try La Supermarket Grande in Riverdale. It's in the shopping center where 410 and Kenilworth meet. It used to be a Giant. I haven't bought seafood there yet, but it looks like they have a pretty good selection, including head-on shrimp and live crabs.