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Mar 24, 2009 02:42 PM


What's the latest on this place? I have heard mixed reviews. We will be going to a show at House of Blues in a couple weeks and somebody in our group suggested it. Thanks.

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  1. Love Muriels love the interior of the restaurant great location. try the goat cheese crepes with crawfish its incredibly good.

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      Never been a fan. although my husband likes it. Cafe Giovanni is close to HOB. However, if your budget does not permit Chef Duke's "feed me" ($55, 4 courses, 4 wines), go elsewhere. We've had the "feed "many times and always enjoyed it.. The one time we ordered ala carte our meal was disapppointing.

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        The goat cheese crepes are phenomenal.

    2. I really like Muriel's. The prix fixe dinner is the way to go. About thirty dollars. You can get the crepes, puppy drum with pecan coating, and praline creme brulee. All wonderful.

      1. its alrite. they do have a very reasonable prix fice menu, and the crawfish crepe is good.

        but its never been a place that really wowed me, as a frequent diner in the city. some of it has actually been disappointing.

        i kinda think of it as a training wheels for the real deal...a nice starter restaurant :)

        1. The reviews on this board seem polarized. I'd venture that there are more fans, than detractors. I happen to be a detractor, but in fairness, have to state that our two meals there were during Food & Wine events, so that probably accounts for some of our feelings. As we have never actually dined there, I'll defer to those, who have and not for events.

          Lovely view from the balcony, regardless. This is especially true, if the fog has rolled in from the River.