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Mar 24, 2009 02:15 PM

new to Philly - what's on your top ten?

I moved to Philly from New York and I'm missing all my favorite spots. I'm looking for authentic, local, not processed, organic, vegetarian, all that good stuff. Suggestions in Center City? What's on your top ten? Thanks.

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  1. all of the above in one restaurant? horizons.

    1. I think you'll have a lot more luck with this question if you don't use as many qualifiers; some of which almost contradict themselves.

      1. Monk's, Honey's Sit and Eat, Southwark, Mug Shots and White Dog Cafe are all sustaining members of the Fair Food Buy Fresh/Buy Local organization (a part of the White Dog Foundation). Of those, Monk's, Honey's and Southwark usually get good reviews on this voard (as best I recall - might want to search) . Here is a link to all of the restaurants that have made a public committment thru Buy Fresh/Buy Local :
        In addition, we have a fairly active convivium of the slow food movement here:
        although Hansjakob doesn't always work well with deadlines for newsletters and the like. Hope that helps.

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          thank you for the suggestions. I'll check them out.