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Mar 24, 2009 02:03 PM

Bar-B-Q Barn Plano

I pass this place all the time. Has anyone ever eaten there (it's the one at the corner of Parker and Custer)? What's the scoop?

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  1. I like it. We go through the drivethrough so I don't know about the inside. We usually get the sliced beef sandwiches. They have a nice tasty sauce which we get on the side. Their potato salad and cole slaw are also good. Nice luncg.

    1. I ate there about two weeks ago. Went inside; it was okay. It's cafeteria style bbq; they have all their meat wrapped in plastic (which I really dislike). There sides were very average and overall I wouldn't go back. I just went, because like you I hadn't been however had seen it a lot of times.

      It's average at best. It was about noon and there was two other people in there which should have told me something. They seemed to have some good prices on "family deals" so I would assume that is what they sell a lot of to people headed home.

      1. I live within blocks of there and rarely eat there. They used to have an all you can eat rib deal on Friday nights, don't know if they still do or not. It's okay at best, I think 90% of their business comes from drive through on the way home.

        1. Been there forever. Not good quality meat.

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            Prob been 5 years since I've been - always went for the AYCE ribs. Sides were good, meat was eh. Don't think I ever noticed anyone else in the dining room but drive through traffic was pretty steady.