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112 Eatery (MSP)

Heading to 112 tomorrow night, any recent faves to be on the look out for? Thanks!

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  1. I was last there quite some time ago, but the gnocchi knocked my socks off.

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      On a recent visit, I had the lardon/foie gras salad, a scallop appetizer which I think was relatively new to the menu, the lamb scottadito, and the lamb sugo pasta. Mostly classics, but all very good.

      1. not sure when you are going, time wise....just want ot note that my favorite late night "snack" is their bacon and egg sandwich with harrisa....mmmm....

        1. The gnocchi and the cheese burger were the highlights for me a month or two back.

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            Burger and foie gras pasta are my faves.

          2. Definitely the gnocchi and the tagliatelle with foie gras meatballs. We also really liked the charcuterie plate ("cold cuts and pickles"), which has an excellent selection of very high quality imported meats, patés, and house-made pickles.

            Whoever took the butterscotch budino off the menu needs to be taken out back and given a stern talking to. (I'm too nice to beat them.)

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              I am kind of in love with their cauliflower fritters with a good squeeze of lemon on top. The only thing I've ever had there that I didn't thoroughly enjoy was the Tres Leches cake, but maybe it's just not for me.

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                Agreed! But I'm not as nice - I'd add in a kick and a punch.

                A co-worker told me that she and her fiance wept openly to their server upon noticing the absence of the butterscotch budino. They were told that the executive chef took it off the menu because it was too similar to a dessert at another restaurant - something out of state. Pretty silly reason, if you ask me.

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                  Was the restaurant named? Mozza's (LA) butterscotch budino is great but i dont see how having two similar dishes 2000 miles apart would potential detract from either.

              2. The sauteed escarole w/ anchovy & nutmeg is my favorite.

                I'm with you on the tres leche cake. Wayyyyyy too sweet for my taste.

                So, what'd you have, and how was it?

                1. Had an amazing dinner last night. Started with the lamb scottadito (which wasn't as good as I had remembered, but was good) and the avocado with fall harvest olive oil which was great. Our entrees were the seafood cutlets (my partner really enjoyed them) and I had the cheese burger which was one of the best I'd ever had. Our side dishes were kale with pancetta and the gnocci which were both outstanding. We finished with the chocolate pot de crème, which was good, but no butterscotch budino.

                  Thanks for all the suggestions!

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                    No more budino???? I'm totally verklempt. I always ordered that and I used to go there a couple times a month pre-baby. Now, I've only had a babysitter to go there twice in the last year, and I've missed the budino? Bring it back, please!!!

                  2. I'm headed there this weekend with Wifey. Of the desserts on the menu, what IS recommended?

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                      I really like the banana tart there. Have a great time!


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                        As it turns out, we didn't have room for dessert. We had the sweetbreads, the foie gras meatball dealio, cauli fritters and gnocchi. Everything was VERY rich, even the almonds.

                        The gnocchi and meatball pasta were off the charts. The sweetbreads took a little warming up to, and by the time I was warm, I was out of food. With the fritters, I admired the attention to the veggie itself. Even very good restaurants will focus on the batter, with the actual heart of the dish as an afterthought.

                        Not much to add that hasn't been said already, other than the food also being an extraordinary value, cost-wise.

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                        I may be the lone dissenter, but I really loved the tres leches cake.

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                          drew, I like the tres leches cake, too, although, I think it's actually a quatro leches cake, because they adorn it with a white chocolate "milk bottle". But, I'm not a real afficionado of tres leches cakes, so maybe there's a way that 112 Eatery's falls short of the ideal that I don't know about. But, I still like it.

                          I like that banana tart thing and I typically dislike banana desserts.


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                            I like it too drew. Not as much as Masa's version with mango and guava puree. I do agree with others that it is VERY sweet. Goes well with coffee though.

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                              No, you can't possibly be (the lone dissenter). 112's tres leches is a favorite of many. Those of us who don't like are the lonely, forlorn few.

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                              A 112 waiter recommended this combo to us a while back and now we ALWAYS get it: order the chocolate pot de creme and the tres leches cake, and eat them together. A forkful of the cake dipped in the chocolate--heaven. That combo with a cup of coffee is my favorite thing in the Twin Cities.

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                                Sullysully reported back upthread a bit, March 26th. He said what they had was amazing ... good... great... really enjoyed... one of the best... outstanding... good, but no butterscotch budino!